Episode 149, scene 8.

        [John goes in his office in the Town Hall.  His disfunctional 
         secretary is sharpening pencils, cranking with her left hand.  
         She is turning the crank in the wrong direction.] 

JF:  Any calls?
S:   Mr. Haslett.
JF:  Who?
S:   The law journal.
JF:  Oh, yes.  Anything else?
S:   No.  Mr. Carter wanted to talk to you about the prosecution of the 
     narcotics case last year. 
JF:  Are you sure there were no calls from Boston?
S:   Yes, Sir.
JF:  Well, that will be all.

     [Secretary leaves.]
     [Fowler sits at his desk and dials zero.]

JF:  Operator, I want to call Boston, station-to-station, Hancock 6-7788.

     [Phyllis Sloan answers.]

PS:  Hello.
JF:  Hello, Phyllis.
PS:  John, how are you?
JF:  Oh, fine.  Just fine.  Uh, may I speak to Marian? 
PS:  Marian?  But she's not here, John. 
JF:  You mean she gone out?
PS:  John, I haven't seen Marian in weeks.
JF:  You wouldn't kid me would you Phyllis.
PS:  Not about my favorite sister.
JF:  Okay, Phyllis.  I just thought she might be there.
PS:  Have you sent her here with a pocket full of shopping money?
JF:  That's right.
PS:  Well, then she will be dropping by.
JF:  Well, she may not have time.
PS:  She always calls me from the station.
JF:  Phyllis . . .
PS:  Uh, Uh.  I know my Sister.  She won't be able to resist showing off 
     what she's bought. 
JF:  Well, don't count on it.
PS:  John.
JF:  I've got to go, Phyllis.  Goodbye.

     [Scene ends]

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