Episode 149 scene 5.  

     Dr. Rossi comes out of his office and speaks to Betty Anderson at 
     the Information Desk.  Miss chaote walks up and joing them. 

MR:  Oh, miss Anderson.  Have you located miss Chernak's records yet?
BA:  No.  I've checked with Dr. Morton's office and the lab.  I'm sure 
     they are bound to turn show up somewhere.
MR:  Miss Choate, miss Chernak's records haven't turned up yet?
EC:  I'm sure miss Anderson will find them.
BA:  Miss Choate, it's 4:00 o'clock.  Aren't you due in therapy?
EC:  Thank you, for reminding me, miss Anderson.
     [A nurse walks up.]
N:   Any messages?
BA:  No.  They're not.

PA:  Dr. Morton, telephone line two.  Dr. Morton, telephone line two.

                      MISS ESTHER CHOATE

     [Betty goes in Esther Choate's office to replace Stella's file.  
      She has just opened the file cabinet as miss Choate enters.]

EC:  May I see that?

     Betty hands miss Choate the Stella Chernak file.

EC:  You took them.
BA:  Yes.
EC:  When Dr. Rossi suggested hiring you, I was very much against it.
     With what I knew of you, I expected you to be a girl who . . .
BA:  What?
EC:  . . . at the very least I expected you to be flighty and silly.  
     I give credit where credit is due, miss Anderson.  I know I haven't 
     made it easy for you.  But in learning to do your job, you have 
     learned to behave responsibly, until now. 
BA:  I'm sorry about this.
EC:  It is obvious to me, now, that you did it for Rodney Harrington.
RB:  I'm the one you caught, miss Choate.
EC:  You do realize the seriousness of what you've done?
BA:  Yes.
EC:  Yet your first thought was to protect your ex-husband.  It may 
     even cost you your job. 
BA:  He is in trouble.
EC:  I can understand how you would still feel some concern for him.
     But to weigh this sympathy against the risk to yourself?
BA:  You don't.  Somehow you don't, figure the cost, I mean.
EC:  You must still care a great deal for this young man.
BA:  I said it is because he is in trouble.

EC:  I've never allowed myself to become so involved, with anyone.  My 
     job has always come first.  Of course, I realize that a man's are 
     not the same. 
BA:  Miss Choate.  

EC:        I have a dog, Brandy, spaniel.  He is old now.  
           But even then, they demand so little.  I have had 
           three dogs, each named Brandy.  A dog's life is 
           not very long.  You just begin to get attached to 
           them and then they are gone. 

EC:  I will have to tell Dr. Rossi the truth about this. 
BA:  I understand.
EC:  Not because I want to.  I hope you understand that, too.

     [Scene ends.]

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