Episode 150 scene 5.

    Dialog between Betty and Steven.
SC: I don't understand it, Betty.  I just don't understand it.  Why 
    didn't you call me?   Why didn't you call me right away? 
BA: What was there to call you about?  There was nothing you could have 
    done.  All you could have said was how sorry you felt.  And I feel 
    sorry enough already.
SC: Now that's nice and neat.  But, I feel responsible for what 
BA: All right.  I admit it.  You were responsible.  But I did it.  I 
    wanted to do it.  And it's finished.  Would you feel better if I 
    dumped a a kettle of boiling water on you.  Huh?  Okay.  If I had a 
    big brother, I'd tell him to beat you up. 
SC: Don't be noble.
BA: Steven, It's not your fault.  You didn't ask me to take the 
SC; I didn't ask you.  I told you how important it was.  How vital it 
    was to his defense. a resounding whisper. 
BA: Steven, I knew what I was doing.
SC: So did I.  And that's the problem.

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