Episode 151, scene 1:

Dialog between Martin Peyton and Hannah Cord

     [Hannah and Peyton are on the square.  Thomas is the chauffeur.]

Peyton tells Thomas to go around again.  She 
          says, "I think everyone has seen the car by now."  He says, 
          "Then they will see it again."  He tells Thomas to pull over.  
          Hannah says, "I thought you were going to the cemetary."  
          Peyton says, "The bandstad needs painting."  Hannah says, 
          "Time has a way of telescoping things."  Hannah tells Peyton 
          that the new doctor's name is Michael Rossi.  He says he wants 
          to meet Rossi.  Peyton says, "The town is ageing."  Hannah 
          says, "Aren't we all?" Peyton notes that Constance has not 
          changed the name on her store from Mackenzie.  Rodney and 
          Norman come down the stairs and are surprised to see Peyton.  
          Peyton sees them also but doesn't acknowledge them.  Peyton 
          and Hannah are helped back in the limo by Thomas.  They go 
          back up to the apartment.

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