Episode 154, scene1.

     Elliot Carson brings two or three dozen flowers in to Allison.  
     Constance [Lola Albright, assumed the role in episode 153] is there. 
EC:  Hello, Allison.
AM:  Hello.  Hello, Mr. Carson.

     [Elliot and Constance exchange knowing glances.]

AM:  It was very nice of you to come.  Are those flowers for me?  Are they 
     for me? 
EC:  Oh, yes.

     [Elliot hands the flowers to Allison.]

AM:  Thank you.
EC:  Well, how are you?  
AM:  Oh, I'm all right, I guess.  You're my first real visitor. 
EC:  Well, I'm glad.
CM:  Mr. Carson has been here before.
AM:  Really?  Mother, could you fix these flowers for me?
CM:  Yes.  Yes.
EC:  As a matter of fact, I've been in to see you almost every day.
AM:  You have?
EC:  A couple of times, I started to read to you.  I thought you might 
     recognize my voice.
AM:  That was very sweet of you.  What did you read?
CM:  Great Expectations.  He knew it was your favorite book.
AM:  Did I tell you that?
EC:  Yes, you mentioned it once.

EC:  Oh, I think I had better get a vase.
CM:  I can . . .
EC:  No.  No.  No.  That's all right I'll do it.

     [Elliot leaves.]

Text of Great expectations, a short novel written by Charles Dickens.

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