Episode 154

Episode 154 Dialog between Rodney and Martin Peyton:
HC:  Dinner will be ready when you are.
MP:  Rodney?
RH:  Sir.
MP:  Are you hungry?
RH:  Not very sir.
MP:  Good.  Then you can do me a favor.  We'll wake up that sluggish 
     appetite of yours.  The movers will be here tomorrow.  I want to set 
     aside a few pieces.  Get down there.  I'll tell you what I want. 
RH:  What is it you want sir.
MP:  The chinese fret.
RH:  The chinese fret.
MP:  Not there, over there.  That's it.  Bring it to the foot of the 
     stairs.  Now Great-great-uncle Josiah's bust.  Not that one.  That 
     bust.  The one with the crafty eyes.  Ah, that's him.  This will take 
     forever.  Come up here.  Help me doen.  I'll starve to death waiting 
     for you to find anything.

HC:  Mr. Peyton, what are you doing?  If you fall ...
MP:  It will be because you made me fall with your hysterical shrieking.
     Close the door.
MP:  Does helping an old man bother you, Rodney?
RH:  No sir.
MP:  Of course not.  Too young.  At your age, you think you're immortal.
RH:  Tell me something, grandfather.  Why did you invite me tonight and 
     not Norman?
MP:  Hurt the boy's feelings?  What is it?
     Nor Norman.  That chair, move it.  What is it?
     But was it English or American made?
RH:  I don't know.
     The Americans used native Nee England wood
I had my reasons.
MP:  Your great-great-great grandfather
Why did Benjamin buy chippendalse copiesand not
Why not ori
You haven't answered my question, why not originales.
You mean you don
Yes, Yes I do.  The British stamp act
Precisely.  They wouldn't pay
I don't mean to be pertinent
MP:  Look here.  I'm moving all your antecents upstairs.  The Schusters 
and their junk.
MP:  It's for strong backs and weak mindes.
RH:  Tell me something, granfather.  How do I score on culture?  If I'm 
convicted, it won't matter how
MP:  The bust.  Bring uncle Josian up with you.
Let's rest awhile before we climb.  Well you said you had questions.
You remember the last time we met.
RH:  Yes, I do.  You, Mrs. Cord and Steven.'You were 10, Norman 7.  
Steven was already in college.
MP:  Help me up.

MP:  Do you hate Steven?
I don't hate Steven.
He hated you.
Now he has the responsibility of saving your life.  How do you feel about 

                  [Rodney drops the bust.]

RH:  I'm.Sorry.
MP:  So am I.
You can;'t keep living in the past.
MP:  Your mother.  I'm glad you mentioned her.
MP:  Do you think she was guilty of murder?
RH:  Tell me something, grandfather.  Do you think I'm guilty of murder.
MP:  Well, I guess that covers about everything.

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