Episode 164 scene 2.

     Dowell's office.

     Leslie has some to see Dowell and runs into Julie.

AN:  Hello, Mr. Harrington.
LH:  Is Mr. Dowell in?
AN:  He's not in at the moment.
LH:  When do you expect him back? 
          [Ann Nolan looks at the appointment book.]
AN:  He has a 4:30 appointment.  So he should be back shortly if you 
       should care to wait. 
LH:  Thank you.
          [Leslie opens the door to Dowell's office.
AN:  Oh, Mr. Harrington, I meant that you should wait out...   Would you 
       like some coffee? 
LH:  Fine.

LH:  Hello, Julie.
LH:  You're a welcome addition to Ted's decor.
JA:  Thank you.
LH:  On official business?
JA:  Some papers for Mr. Schuster.
LH:  Well, don't worry, Julie.  I'm not going to grab them out of your 
        hand and read them under the nearest street lamp. 
JA:  I wasn't worried.  
LH:  Oh.
JA:  I work for Mr. Schuster now.  I owe him the same loyalty that I gave 
       to you. 
          [Ann brings coffee to Leslie.]
AN:  Careful, it's hot.  If there's anything else you want, just let me know.
LH:  Thank you.

LH:  Did you enjoy your dinner with him?
JA:  My dinner with David Schuster was a business matter.
LH:  I was only asking, Julie.  I didn't mean to imply anything.
JA:  Why does everyone have to take sides is it    if you're not for me you're against me.
     It's true.  People are usually
JA:  I may be the exception to the rule.
LH:  Well, How do you feel?
JA:  You're making it so difficult, Les.
          [background music]
LH:  Then maybe you can use some advice.  That old bromide about changing 
       horses in mid-stream still holds true.  The undertow is heaviest 
       out there. and Shuster is about to be swept away by it. 
JA:  With a little help from you, Les?
LH:  Of course not.  It would hurt me to see you go under with him.
JA:  Your advice sounds more like a warning.
LH:  We don't warn old friends, Julie.  We try to help them.
          [from outer office]
AN:  Oh, Mr. Dowell.  Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Harrington are in your office.

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