Episode 174, scene 1.  

     Allison knocks, then rolls her wheel chair into Dr. Rossi's office.
     Dialog between Allison Mackenzie and Stella Chernak. 

AM:  Hello, miss Chernak.
SC:  Hello, Allison.
     [Stella turns off the radio.]
SC:  Oh, you really have learned how to use that chair.
AM:  Yes.  My left hand is beginning to do what I tell it to.
SC:  Oh, You should be proud of yourself.
AM:  Well, it's not me, really.  It's Mr. Gehring.  He makes me hate him 
     so much I get better just to spite him.  Sometimes I think Dr. Rossi 
     is using that same technique in his so-called interviews. 
SC:  Oh, is he being rough on you?
AM:  Yesterday, he got me so upset I couldn't move my arm again.
SC:  It's all better, today.
AM:  I wish he wouldn't keep needling me.
SC:  Why are you telling me this?  Want me to put in a plea for mercy for 
AM:  No.  It's just that you are on e of the few people around here who 
     aren't hovering over me all the time. 
SC:  Well, that's a real basis for friendship.
AM:  What were you listening to when I came in?
SC:  Oh.  The news.
AM:  It's been so long since I've listened to the radio or read a paper.

     [Allison turns the radio on.]

RA:            It was understood that the legislature will 
               re-convene to decide this most urgent matter in 
               the next few days.  When a decision is reached . . . 

     [Stella jumps up and takes the radio from Allison.  She turns it off.]

SC:  You see.  This isn't mine.  I don't want it to get broken.  I'm sorry.

AM:  What's been happening?
SC:  Where?
AM:  . . . in the news?
SC:  Nothing, really.

SC:  Allison, I have to go now.
SC:  Dr. Rossi will be back in a couple of minutes.  All right?
AM:  Okay?  
SC:  Bye-bye.
AM:  Bye.

     [Stella leaves.]
     [Allison turns the radio back on.

RA:            . . . this caused a sensation and has rocked the city. 
               Young Rodney Harrington is accused of having murdered Joe 
               Chernak on the night of July 16th.  The motive, revenge 
               for abuses to his brother, Norman Harrington.  Harrington 
               is the grandson of Martin Peyton and the son of Leslie 
               Harrington, former manager of the Peyton Mill.  
               Peyton Place has been shocked by the testimony of 
               witnesses brought forth by the prosecuting attorney, John 
               Fowler.  All eyes are on this town and . . . 

     [Dramatic close-up of Allison's eyes.]

     [Break for commercial.]

               And that is the up-to-the-minute news on the Rodney 
               Harrington trial.  Be sure to tune in every hour on the 
               hour, seven days a week, for the latest . . . 

     [Dr. Rossi comes in and turns the radio off.]

MR:  Allison.  Allison.

AM:  Why didn't you tell me?  Why didn't you tell me about Rodney?
MR:  Why did you forget?

MR:  Allison, I wanted you to remember, for yourself, in your own time.
AM:  Do you mind if I skip today's session?
     [Rossi stands.]
MR:  I think we had better face this.
     [Rossi sits at his desk.]
MR:  What did you hear?
AM:  A whole jumble.  Rodney on trial for murder . . .
     It couldn't be.  Why didn't he tell me when he came here to see me?
MR:  Because you didn't remember and he didn't want to upset you.

MR:  Do you remember anything else, now?
AM:  No.  Nothing.
MR:  Do you remember the last time you saw Rodney?
AM:  No.
     [Rossi gets up and walks over to Allison.]
MR:  Allison, the last time you saw him, you went to visit him in 
     his jail cell.  When you came out you were in a very  distraught 
     state and soon after that you were hit by a car.
AM:  [Almost screaming]  No.  It's not true.
MR:  Allison, you can't run and hide in your room everytime something 
     upsets you. 
MR:  Why do you think you're upset?
AM:  I think that's a pretty silly question, don't you, when I just heard 
     on the radio that somebody I know was on trial for murder?
MR:  What does Rodney really mean to you?
     What does this whole trial mean to you?
AM:  What are you trying to say?
MR:  You think about it.

AM:  It has nothing to do with me.  If I went to see Rodney in jail it 
     was because, probably I felt sorry for him.  It has nothing to do 
     with me.
MR:  I suppose Rodney means nothing to you now other than as a casual friend.
AM:  That's right.  Nobody means anything to me except my mother. 
MR:  Allison, you are warm, a beautiful young lady doesn't it seem 
     strange to you that after almost 19 years in this town that no one 
     means anything to you except your mother? 
AM:  Dr. Rossi.  If you have something to say to me, I wish you say it 
     and let me leave alone.
MR:  Can you see Rodney Harrington without getting upset now?
AM:  Of course, I can.  I would very much like to see him.  Can you get 
     in touch with him for me? 

     [Allison leaves]

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