Episode 174, scene 2.  

     Dr. Rossi comes in the lab carrying the radio and turns it on.  Stella 
     hears the radio and turns around. 

SC:  I know.  I remembered the radio after I left.
MR:  Really?
SC:  What happened?
MR:  She heard the news.
SC:  And then?
MR:  She tried to believe it wasn't true and then she finally convinced 
     herself that Rodney was only a friend. 
SC:  Well it . . .  It didn't hurt anything?
MR:  I don't know.  You knew the danger of a sudden shock in her state.    
     It could have set us back for weeks.  Made her more detached.  It 
     could have possibly put her in a depression. 
SC:  Oh, I'm Sorry.
MR:  Oh, you're sorry?  Just like that?  You allow something like this to 
     happen without thinking of the ramifications involved.  And . . .  
     [Stella turns to leave.] 
MR:  Where are you going?
SC:  Out.
MR:  That's an interesting trait you have, miss Chernak.  Whenever 
     something comes along that is unpleasant to you,  you just 
     click your heels and go. 
SC:  Well it's better than standing still and getting hit.
MR:  Let me ask you a question.  Just out of curiousity.  Did you leave 
     this [holding up radio] in the room on purpose? 
SC:  On purpose?
MR:  Yes.
SC:  What for?
MR:  Well then, you were just careless.
SC:  Yes.  It was carelesss.  No. you were right.  I left it there on 
MR:  You had no right to do that.
SC:  I'm not a doctor.  I'm just a human being with emotions.  Why 
     shouldn't she know that my brother is dead.  Why shouldn't she know 
     that Rodney is responsible. 
MR:  Maybe you're right.  Maybe you ought to leave before I say something 
     I'll be sorry for later. 

     [Stella leaves as the scene ends.]

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