Episode 174, scene 3.  

     [Ada has come to the Book Gallery to make wedding preparations.]

CM:  How about some announcement cards?
     Mrs. Ada Jacks announces the marriage of her daughter Rita . . .
     [Elliot comes in the Book Gallery.]
AJ:  Charmaine.  Rita Charmaine.
CM:  . . . Rita Charmaine to Mr. Norman Harrington.  How does that sound?
AJ:  Sounds fine.
EC:  Very, very elegant.  Congratulations.

     [Elliot kisses Ada on the cheek.]

CM:  Well, how did you find out so fast.
EC:  The town crier.  Norman.  He gave her the item for the society column.
AJ:  [laughs]
EC:  Don't let me interrupt you now.                          
CM:  How about that one?
AJ:  Looks like real 14 carat gold.
CM:  Well, this one seems even more simple and uncluttered.  I think Rita would 
     like that.
AJ:  Whatever you say, Mrs. Carson.
EC:  And once you've made up your minds, may I suggest that the Clarion
     print them up as a gift for the bride's mother.
AJ:  Thanks Elliot.  I have to pay the freight this time, but I will let 
     you announce it in the society column. [Chuckles].
EC:  That's a deal.
AJ:  Thanks for everything, Constance.
CM:  We'll call you when they come in.  And give the couple our congratulations. 
AJ:  I will.  Bye.
     [Ada leaves.]

EC:  She is about four feet off the ground
CM:  She has a good reason to be.
EC:  You're thinking about Allison.  Well, you just be happy for Norman and Rita. 
CM:  She is about Rita's age.  She and Rod.
EC:  Allison will be all right.

     [They gaze into each other's eyes.  Elliot kisses Constance.]

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