Episode 174, scene 4.

     Rodney comes in the law office to talk with Steven.

SC:  Hello, Rod.  Welcome to the early bird club.
RH:  I have an early morning news bulletin for you.  Norman Harrington 
     and Rita Jacks got married last night.
SC:  [Surprised.  Angry.]  What?  You're kidding.
RH:  I never lie.  My lawyer told me it was wrong.
SC:  That wacky kid.  It changes everything.  It puts a whole new light 
     on Rita's testimony.  And sends us right back to GO. 
RH:  How does their getting married affect Rita's testimony?
SC:  Well, it may look like he paid her off for donating her hide for 
     your cause. 
RH:  You're marvelous.  Steven, you are really marvelous.  
SC:  I said that is the way it will look.
RH:  That isn't why he married her. 
SC:  Are you sure?  Your very volatile younger brother has a track record
     for instant acting out.  Not only does he move fast, but he has the 
     typical teenager's need to be loyal. 
RH:  I don't follow you.
SC:  Well, when one kid feels another has been put upon by the cruel 
     adult world, and he could certainly have felt like that, after Rita 
     testified, they stick to one another like glue. 

SC:  That's great.  Don Quixote in a broken down automobile rescued the 
     damsel in distress.
RH:  Tell me something.  Isn't it possible that people can do something 
     without a motive?  Like maybe out of love?
SC:  Well, that well may be.  But he might have controlled all that love.  
     Why didn't they wait a week, or a month?  Or better yet, until the 
     trial was over?  You know, marrying Rita the day she testified in 
     your favor puts this in another class entirely. 
RH:  What about his taking the witness stand the next day?  What does 
     that do?  Fowler subpoenaed him this morning. 

SC:  [Angrily, almost shouting.]  Anything else?  You know, if the earth 
     opens up and swallows the statue of Samuel Peyton, I'd appreciate 
     it if you would tell me. 
RH:  Fowler subpoenaed him this morning.
SC:  Well, I'm not too surprised.
RH:  Well, I am.  And I'm worried.

GO refers to the Parker Brothers® game of Monopoly®.
Don Quixote is a reference to the classics.

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