Episode 174, scene 5.  
     Norman talks with Leslie and Rodney.

NH:  How does that look?  Neat, huh?  Nah.

     [Adjusts the dart board.]

NH:  Better?  Gives the place a little feeling of, uh class.  
LH:  Your attitude leaves much to be desired.
NH:  Why?  It's the first present anybody has given me since I became a 
     married man. 
LH:  A subpoena is not a joking matter.
NH:  I know.  I'm sorry.
RH:  Norm, you stupe . . .
NH:  Shut up.  But I'm not going to let it get me down.
LH:  I still wish you would take what I asked into consideration, 
NH:  No, I'm not going to pretend Rita and I aren't married when we are.
LH:  Can't you wait a while until happened to Rita on the stand is 
NH:  I'm going to tell the truth.  Our good and noble lawyer says telling 
     the truth will always work for you.
NH:  Marrying Rita is a fact.  We might as well face it.

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