Episode 176, scene 4.

     Dialog between Leslie Harrington and Rodney

     Leslie Harrington is in his room, at the Inn, reading the Clarion 
     as Rodney knocks. 

RH:  Hi, I thought I had better tell you I'm your new neighbor.
     They gave me the room down the hall.
LH:  Come in.

     [Rodney comes in but doesn't shut the door.]

RH:  Well, I have to unpack.
LH:  I'll come and help you.
RH:  No.  That's all right.
LH:  You're still angry.
RH:  I guess I am.
LH:  Well, we won't solve anything by standing here in the doorway.

     [Leslie shuts the door.]

LH:  I suppose I sounded rather calous this morning about Rita and 
     Norman.  But your brother plunges into everything with such 
     enthusiasm.  And he never stops to ask himself if it is more than 
     he can handle.  It won't work Rod.  It can't.  This marriage is 
     just a big game to Norman. You be the wife and I'll be the husband.  
     And we'll live on gum drops and kisses. 

RH:  They'll learn better.
LH:  And what will happen the first time they argue?  The first time 
     Norman throws Rita's past into her face?
RH:  I know it's going to be tough. If Rita had done nothing more than 
     join the high school teen club, they'd have problems like 
     children and money and Norman going back to college.  And everything. 
LH:  They'll never make it, Rod.
RH:  Maybe not.  But you stay out of it  Let Norman work out these 
     problems for himself.
LH:  I didn't mean to start an argument.
RH:  I've got to go unpack.

     [Rodney starts to leave.]

LH:  Rod, this is no time for us to quarrel.
RH:  I'm not quarrelling.
LH:  And you can't afford the luxury of ignoring me either.  There's too 
     much at stake. 

LH:  Steven seems to think that Fowler will be putting Stella Chernak on 
     the stand, very soon. 
RH:  Well, we always knew that that was going to be a big part of his case.
LH:  Her father lost his job at the mill.  Schuster had to fire him.
RH:  Had to?
LH:  He had no choice.  I understand that Chernak went wild and smashed 
     up some of the machinery.
RH:  Does grandfather Peyton know about this?
LH:  Yes.
RH:  And he backed Schuster up?
LH:  He had no alternative, Rod.
RH:  [softly] Yes, sure.
LH:  Look.  I'd have done the same thing in his position.  If a man is 
     to be respected he has got to show courage and decisiveness. 

     [Rodney begins to open the door to leave.]

LH:  Now look, Rod.  I think that this is going to be so much better for 
     your case that your grandfather did this. 

     [Rodney closes the door.]

RH:  Nothing's simple anymore, is it.  A man can't even sneeze in this 
     town without everbody wondering how it's going to affect my case.
     It was a kid's thing, Dad.  A kid's thing.  Two boys quarreling 
     over a girl.  And big brother had to go in there and straighten 
     everything out.

RH:  I got up on my charger and rode in and I slipped on a banana peel.
LH:  You won't go to prison.
RH:  I could.
LH:  You're not a murderer, Rod.  You won't go to prison.
RH:  Who did Elliot Carson murder?

RH:  Maybe I'll be lucky like he was.  Maybe I can get out in 18 years 
     and still have part of my life ahead of me.  Let's see.  It won't 
     make me quite forty.
LH:  Stop it Rodney.  You won't be convicted.  Too many people in this 
     town know you for what you are.
RH:  They knew Elliot Carson, too.

     [Rodney leaves]

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