Episode 178, scene 3.  

     Rodney goes in Ada's.  Karen is there.

K:   Care to dance, birthday boy?
RH:  Uh, what's your name?
K:   Try dancing with somebody you don't know for a change.  It's a gas.
RH:  Where are you from?
K:   And what school did I go to?  And who do I know?  And what party did 
     I finish?  
RH:  Okay. 
K:   I'm from anywhere east of the Mississippi.  I've been to school in 
     Cairo, Argentina, Hong Kong, and uh, Beiruit.  And almost anyplace else.  
     And I know everybody in the world.  And been to almost every party.  
        [Young customer in sweater interrupts.]  

C:   Wait a minute.  You don't want to be anti-social.  Here, I mean it's 
     a party isn't it?  
     [Hands a glass to Rodney.] 
     A celebration.  Here, a glass for you . . . 
     [Hands a glass to Karen.] 
     . . . some for you
     [Pours Rdney's glass.]
     . . . for your girl.  I mean, It isn't everyday you get free bubbly 
     isn't it?  Hey, you can dance anytime can't you?  Letting it run til 
     it gets good and cold.  And a little bit for me, here.  Here's to 
     you, birthday boy. 
     [Raises glass to toast.] 
     Twenty-one Skidoo. 

RH:  That's funny, that's very funny.
K:   Get lost.
C:   All I meant was . . .
RH:  Get lost.
C:   Okay, Killer.
RH:  Wait a minute.
       [Karen and Rodney sit.]
K:   Why don't we sip our champagne over here at this litt table all by 
K:   Hey, want your drink?
RH:  No.
K:   Would you like to talk?
RH:  No.
K:   Would you like to dance?   How long has it been since you've danced 
     with anybody? 
RH:  Who are you?
K:   Well, Let's say this is a costume ball and I'm wearing a mask.
RH:  Why?
K:   Because I want to.

K:   Dance? 
        [Karen gets up.]
RH:  What are you doing here?
     Here?  Here in this place.  Or here in this town?
RH:  I want to know.
K:   I just dropped in here, like I drop in a lot of places.
     Maybe I'm dropping out.   Or maybe I was dropped from that lovely 
     little college, uh . . . 
RH:  Peyton.
K:   Peyton.
RL:  How come I never saw you there?
K:   Oh, no.  I enrolled, I was enrolled in the art of . . .
     . . . or fall
     I like that word better.

     They thought it would be a nice quiet environment for me. Probably 
     wouldn't have been half so quiet if you'd been around. And you have 
     been around, haven't you? 
        [Juke box stops.]
K:   If you want to go around again, you'll have to put in the quarter 
     this time. 
        [Rodney gets up.]
RH:  Okay, let's dance.
        [Rodney puts in a quarter and selects a tune.] 
        [Ada goes over and hugs Rita and Norman who have just arrived.]
        [Rodney and Karen are dancing near the front door as Norman and 
        Rita come over.] 
NH:  Rod.  We've been looking all over for you.
     Dad's kind of worried about you.
RH:  Why?
RJ:  We thought you had skipped bail, or something.
K:   I'm going skiing.  Happy birthday, square.
        [Karen leaves the building.]
NH:  Who was that?
RH:  Oh, that's a girl that I met at a costume ball.  Hey, You know what?  
     Today is my birtyday. 
NH:  Yeah, we kind of forgot.  Happy Birthday.
RJ:  Are you Mr. Harrington, Mr. Rodney Harrington?  Well, you are Mr. 
     Rodney Harrington, aren't you?  Well, we have a singing telegram for 
NH:  Yeah, we have a singing telegram for you. 
        [They sing]

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