Episode 184, scene 8.

     [Elliot and Constance are sitting outside Allison's room.]
     [Marian and John approach.]

MF:  I have to see Allison.
EC:  She's asleep right now.
MF:  I have to see her.
EC:  Why?
MF:  I have something to tell her.
EC:  Well, what is it?
MF:  It is terribly important.
CM:  Is it something you can tell me?
MF:  Could we go into the room?
EC:  Well, I told you.  She's asleep.  They gave her a sedative.
     She won't hear a word you say.

     [Marian and Constance go into Allison's room.] 

MF:  I had heard she was better.  
CM:  She was walking two days ago.  Then she regressed, in their terms.  
     Now she can't move her left side at all.  

CM:  What was it you were going to tell me?

MF:  John and I have been married for five years.
     We don't seem to be up to having children.
     And I love children.  I love children.
     I had been talking to someone who upset me.  [Russ Gehring].
     Then I ran down to my car. 
     And I think I was in tears.
     I was too upset to risk seeing John.
     Do you know what I mean?

CM:  No, I don't know what you mean.

     [Marian's part of the dialog is barely intelligible.]

MF:  I drove out to the beach road to get calm, straight.  
     It was sunset.  I put my foot on the accelerator and that was it?

     [Marian shakes her head.]

CM:  What do you mean, that was it?
MF:  That's when I hit Allison.

     [More very loud mood music.]

     [Music stops.]

EC:  And she never told you anything about it?
JF:  That's right.
EC:  And you never suspected?
JF:  No.
EC:  Not even for a moment?  
JF:  No.
EL:  Not even when she disappeared?
JF:  I had been working very hard on the trial.
EC:  Oh yes, the trial.  That could make or break your career.
     I wouldn't blame you if you had deliberately suppressed it.
JF:  [Angrily].  Now just a minute.
EC:  Can you imagine, can you conceive of what it was like for a father to 
     sweat out a thing like this.  
     To know that somebody hit and ran and was walking around the streets 
     free and clear. 
JF:  You may not believe this but I do know how you felt.
EC:  I used to find myself staring into the faces of everyone I passed in the 
     square.  I would look at them very carefully to see if I could see any 
     sign of guilt.  

     I'd say to myself that fellow walking over there by the bandstand he used 
     to stop into the Clarion now and then and take out an ad in the paper.
     He doesn't do that anymore. 

     Or that young fellow standing in front of the drug store maybe he, maybe. 

     I was living with hate.  Hate was my bread and butter.  
     And it wasn't even a man.  It was a woman.  A woman. 

JF:  Now you stay away from her.

     [Elliot turns to go back in Allison's room.]
     [John grabs Elliot.]

EC:  Now, you let go of me.
JF:  Carson, the law is equipped to handle this.
EC:  It seems to me that the law in this town only equipped to condemn the 
     innocent and free the guilty.

     [Inside the room.]

EC:  Is it true?  Did your husband know anything at all about it?
MF:  No.

     [Elliot turns away from Marian.]
     [Marian and John leave the room.]

CM:  Now that we know, what can we do?  Nothing.
EC:  Plenty.
CM:  Put her in the pillory?  Hang her at high noon?
     What good would it do, Elliot?  Would it make Allison any better?
EC:  I can't believe Fowler didn't know anything about it.
     If he did and suppressed it, he shouldn't be allowed to practice law.  
     Much less hold a public office. 
     If he did and I can prove it, I'll get him.

[End of scene and episode.]

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