Episode 206, Scene 6.

     Dialog between Dr. Rossi amd Ann Howard.  A girl named Jessica is 
     in therapy being treated. 

AH:  71.  72.
N:   71.  72.
MR:  Oh.  Hi, Nancy.
J:   Hi, Dr. Rossi.
MR;  Well, How's your arithmetic coming along?
J:   Fine.
MR:  What's that you have there, Jessica?  Spaghetti?
     [Ann Howard turns around to Dr. Rossi.]
AH:  Hello.
MR:  Hello.
AH:  I'm Ann Howard.
     [Shakes hands.]
MR:  Why yes, of course.  Miss Ann Howard has been appointed as our staff 
     physical therapist.  Please welcome her.  Office memo that was out. 

MR:  Welcome, indeed, miss Howard. I'm Mike Rossi.
AH:  Thank you, doctor.  You know, I've been wondering about you.
MR:  Oh?
AH:  You seem to be popular with the ladies.
MR:  What?  Oh, well, Nancy and I, we've been going steady for some time. 
     Huh, Nancy? 

AH:  Knees.  Now, push.  Push.
MR:  You've been here a couple of days?
AH:  Today is my first day.  Yesterday, miss Choate gave me my 
     orientation tour. 

MR:  Oh, yes.
AH:  That research laboratory in the north wing, that's yours isn't it?
MR:  Yes.  In a manner of speaking.
AH:  Hematology?
MR:  Uh, huh.
N:   What's hematology?
MR:  Well, Nancy.  It is the study of the blood.  You see, what we try 
     and do is find out more about the blood diseases. 

AH:  Does that hurt, Jessice.
J:   No.
AH:  What about here?
J:   A little.
AH:  Okay, That's very good.  I think that's enough of that for now.

AH:  All right.  Why don't you draw me a nice big picture here in this 
     book with this hand. [Touching right hand.]  Okay?
     [Goes over to Nancy.]
AH:  Okay, Nancy.  I think that's enough for now.   Get down.
     [Rossi moves wheelchair for Nancy to sit in.]
MR:  Beep.  Beep.
AH:  Okay.  There you go.
AH:  Why don't you go over and join Jessica and draw a picture, too.
N:   What shall I draw?
AH:  Why don't you surprise me.  Okay?
     [Ann sits.  Rossi sits.]
MR:  I like your technique.
AH:  Thank you, doctor.  I've wanted to work with children ever since my 
     own childhood. 
MR:  Well, how's Nancy doing?
AH:  Oh, very well, I think.  I went over Mr. Gehring's reports before I 
     started.  He brought her along very nicely.  I think she will be out 
     of that chair in a few weeks. 
MR:  Good. 

MR:  Miss Howard, I came here to see Nancy, but I am surprised and shocked 
     to find you here.  I've been wanting to talk to you since the 
     first time I saw you. 
AH:  Why, that's very flattering, doctor.  I did see you on the square 

MR:  No.  I don't mean that.  I mean the other night.  You see, I live at 
     the beach cottage and I saw you up on the bluff.  But when I came 
     out you hurried off. 
AH:  Oh, I'm sorry doctor, I haven't been to the beach yet.
MR:  But, I . . .
AH:  No.
MR:  Sorry, I must be mistaken.
     [Rossi stands to leave.]
MR:  Hey, wait a minute.  Did one of you girls leave this candy here?
J:   No.
N:   No. 
MR:  Well.  I just we'll just leave it.  Maybe somebody will get it.
MR:  Well, goodbye, miss Howard.  We'll be seeing each other.
AH:  Yes, doctor.  I'm sure we will.

Hematology-see glossary.

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