Episode 209, Scene 1.

     [Dr. Rossi and Ann Howard enter the bar of the Colonial Post Inn.]

MR:  That was my message service.  I have been given the night off.
AH:  Well, that calls for a celebration.
MR:  That's right.  How about a nice large cup of good cheer.
AH:  For the doctor?
MR:  The doctor is off duty.
AH:  xx
MR:  How about here, do you mind?
AH:  Fine.
MR:  Hello, Fred.
FD:  Good evening, Dr. Rossi.
MR:  What'll you have?
AH:  A frozen daquiri.
MR:  And I'll have a dry martini.  Two olives.
FD:  Two olives.
MR:  Have you been here before?
AH:  Where?
MR:  At the Inn.  It's one of our local landmarks.  Rustic and full of 
AH:  Well, I'm afraid I'm not much on sight-seeing.
MR:  That's good.  There aren't many sights to see in Peyton Place.
AH:  I want to know.  Is this how you get to know your coworkers, by 
     plying them with liquor?
MR:  A minute ago you said it was a perfect prescription.
AH:  Oh, I'm very changeable.  
MR:  [laughs]
AH:  Go on, say it.
MR:  What?
AH:  So I noticed.
MR:  Oh, that.
AH:  Here is to all the worthwhile sites in Peyton Place.  And a guide for 
MR:  Madame.
AH:  You know, you were right about seeing me, before we met in the 
MR:  Oh?
AH:  It was very polite of you not to call me a liar.  I was on the bluff 
     outside the house.  
MR:  I'm a little afraid to ask what I was doing.
AH:  Shocking.  You were at a little counter making scrambled eggs.
MR:  Oh, I remember, I had been to the wedding.  They always make me 
AH:  I've always heard that bachelors are excellent cooks.
MR:  Don't you believe it.
AH:  xx
MR:  Only if you sign a paper, absolving me of all responsibility.
AH:  Where do I sign?
MR:  At my place, before dinner.
AH:  Oh.

     [Steven Cord and Betty come in the bar at the Inn.]

MR:  Oh, Betty.  Steven.
SC:  Mike.
BA:  Dr. Rossi, how are you?
MR:  Well, I'm supposed to ask that, aren't I?
MR:  Listen, have you two been collecting fines from all the people who 
     have said "Marriage agrees with you"?
BA:  Not yet.  But maybe in two or three years.
     [Steven and Betty continue on.]

BA:  Who was that?
SC:  Michael Rossi.  He works at the hospital.
BA:  Very funny.  You are going to get a reputation for being shifty, if 
     you're not careful.
SC:  Her name is Ann Howard.  She dropped by the office a little earlier.
BA:  Oh.  It seems to be all sorts of mysterious young women popping up.
SC:  For instance?
BA:  For instance, the woman who called
SC:  Come on Sherlock.  I have a nervous client who is entitled to the 
     strictest confidence. 
BA:  Even from the lawyer's wife?
SC:  Especially from the doctor's wife.
BA:  The case isn't closed yet.