Letter slipped under the Clarion door by Hannah Cord
in episode 213, scene 6.

     As the mother of a handicapped child, 
     I am extremely concerned over a recent 
     appointment to the staff of Doctors Hospital.

     It has come to my attention that the new 
     physical therapist, a young woman who calls 
     herself Ann Howard, is actually Ann Colby.
     The same Ann Colby who several years ago
     maliciously pushed a little boy over a cliff,
     resulting in permanent loss of his eyesight.
     What kind of confidence are we to have in a 
     hospital board if they employ an individual 
     of this background to care for the crippled 
     children of our community.

     And indeed, what kind of community are we 
     providing for any child if we allow
     a person with such sadistic tendencies
     to remain in our midst?

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