PEYTON PLACE                                                      08-19-01
Episode 216.
Tu 05-10-66.
Title:    Dr. Rossi gives Rita an ultimatum. 

PTN:      Peyton contacts a lawyer from Boston.  Rita learns the result 
          of her medical examination from Dr. Rossi. Steven and Betty 
          face the realization of an unpleasant job which must be done. 
DMN:      An ultimatum from Dr. Rossi to Rita Harrington.  Martin Peyton 
          urgently summons his attorney, John Wainwright. Between Steven 
          Cord and Betty Cord, a realization of an unpleasant job which 
          must be done. 

WA:       The world of Martin Peyton and Hannah Cord has been isolated 
          and secure for many years.  Now, that world appears to be 
          threatened.  A girl, who calls herself Ann Howard, has returned 
          to Peyton Place.  Hannah spots Ann.  Then Peyton sees her. 

Intro:    People walking on the wharf.  Thomas, the chauffeur, is driving 
          Hannah and Martin in the limousine as they talk about Ann 

Scene 1:  Peyton tells Hannah that Ann doesn't resemble her twin, Steven.  
          Peyton tells Hannah that he has a plan.  Peyton says that he 
          has been debating it for several days. 

Scene 2:  Peyton goes in the Shoreline Garage to talk with Rodney.  
          Peyton tells Rodney, "Get up out of there and show me around 
          this grease pit."  Peyton tells Rodney that he envies him for 
          the time he has left.  Peyton asks Rodney how he is doing. 
          Rodney tells Peyton that his margin of profit is 30 percent. 
          Peyton tells Rodney that it appears that he has too much of his
          money tied up in inventory.  Rodney says that he bought the
          inventory at 50 percent of wholesale cost.  Martin leaves and 
          returns to the limousine.  Hannah says that he looks pleased.  
          He tells Hannah to call Wainwright.  He wants him down here 
          this afternoon.  He tells Thomas to drive them home. 

Scene 3:  Norman walks over to Rita in the reception area of the 
          hospital.  Dr. Rossi walks up and invites them into his office.  
          Rossi tells them that Rita is not going to have a baby.  
          Rita says that she is confused.  Rossi tells Norman to sit 
          down.  Rossi lectures.  Rossi says that Rita is run down.  She 
          is undernourished.  Rossi gives her vitamins.  He gives her a 
          menu.  Miss Choate comes over and gives him a note from Ann 
          Howard. Rossi asks if she has heard from Dr. O'Brien on Rita's 
          x-rays.  Miss Choate is paged for extension 23.  Norman tells 
          Rita that it is not the end of the world.  

Sceme 4:  Rossi comes in the therapy room and talks with Ann Howard.  
          Libby Olsen has spilled the Crayolas®.  They talk about Dr. 
          Morton.  Ann asks Dr. Rossi what he told Dr. Morton to let her 

Scene 5:  Hannah opens the front door of the mansion and admits lawyer 
          Wainwright.  Betty is in the foyer also.  [This is the eldest 
          Wainwright that looks like "Dr. Death."  Hannah takes Mr. 
          Wainwright's hat and ushers him upstairs toward Peyton's 

Scene 6:  William John Wainwright [seventyish] knocks and is told to come 
          in.  He tells Peyton he is glad to see him.  Peyton tells 
          Wainwright to sit down.  Peyton does not use William or 
          John.  He says that he wants a new will.  Peyton wants 
          no possibility of a raid on his estate.  Peyton tells 
          Wainwright that Ann Colby is back.  Peyton tells Wainwright 
          that he is blameless and rich.  Peyton says, "It's got to be 

Scene 7:  Betty goes in the livingroom of the mansion and when Hannah 
          enters, Betty tells her that she is going home early.  Hannah 
          tells Peyton that she knows that Betty has Steven's interest at 

Scene 8:  Steven comes in and gives a bouquet to Betty.  Steven says they 
          are going out to dinner.  They have some champagne together.  
          Betty tells Steven that Peyton was with Wainwright a littl 
          while that evening.  Betty says it may concern Peyton's will.  
          Steven says that it won't be easy but it has to be done.  I 
          have to know.  Betty says, "Yes it has to be done."  Steven 
          hugs Betty. 

Preview:  Allison talks with Dr. Rossi.  Sandy talks with Lee.  Betty 
          talks with Rodney. 

          AM:  I'm so confused.  I thought I'd have the answer to 
          MR:  Alright, Allison, what is it?  What's wrong? 

          SW:  I look sideways at someone and you're ready to knock my 
               head off.  But you can ask me to fill you in on someone. 
               Well you can forget about her.  She's out of your class. 

          BAC: I just asked you a simple question.  I didn't mean. . .
          RH:  Betty, don't you know that all ex-husbands need to be 

Dr. O'Brien, radiologist-only spoken of.
Attorney William John Wainwright, Sr.-not credited in this episode.
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