Episode 218, Scene 1.  

     Dialog between Lee Webber and Ann Howard in the therapy room of 
     Doctors Hospital: 

       Lee goes in therapy.

LW:  Miss Howard?
AH:  Yes?

       Lee walks over to Ann.

LW:  You don't remember me, do you?  
AH:  Well, I ...
LW:  You know, I though it was you at the Cider Barrel this morning.  But 
     I wasn't sure.  My name is Webber, Lee Webber.  Steven Cord told me 
     you were working here. 
AH:  Yes, I started a few days ago.
LW:  Why did you come back?
AH:  I had to.
LW:  Why?
AH:  'Cause I couldn't stop thinking about your brother.
LW:  I used to think about you.  Wondered what happened to you.  Where 
     you went. 
AH:  I don't know quite what to say, Mr. Webber.  I knew we would have to 
     meet again.  But not like this.  Not so soon.
LW:  You know, for a long time I was scared.  Of what I might do if I 
     ever saw you again. 
AH:  Did you hate me that much?
LW:  When my brother came home from the hospital his face was all cut up.  
     Black and blue.  That wasn't so bad.  After a while it went away.    
     The bandages around his eyes they didn't.  They stayed for months.  
     After they took them off, his eyes had that funny look, like they 
     wre dead. 
AH:  It must have been terrible.  
LW:  Miss Howard, what do you want from us?  
AH:  Want?  I wish it were that simple.  
LW:  Don't stir it up again.  
AH:  I don't want to. 
LW:  Then don't.  You know, it took my brother a long time getting used 
     to being blind.  But he did.  He's in college.  He's now got a good 
     future.  You don't know him anything.  He let you off the hook a 
     long time ago. 
AH:  How could he?  Waking up each morning to nothing.
LW:  Well, You don't know my brother.  The way he looks at it, you were 
     just a kid.  You weren't responsible.  
AH:  Doesn't change it.
LW:  Well, it should make it easier to live with.  Why don't you try.
AH:  I am trying.  In my way.  It's something I have to do.  Can you 
     understand that?
LW:  Then you're not going to let it rest? 
AH:  I can't.
LW:  All right.

        [Lee starts walking off.]

AH:  Mr. Webber, have you learned to live with it?
LW:  Have I learned to live with it?  I've learned to live without it. 
     I've learned to stop thinking about it.  You want know why?  I used 
     to think about taking you up on that Sailors' Bluff.  Look down 
     there, you.  You see how far it is?  And then.  Then you had to come 
     back into town and rake it all up again. 

        [Lee turns and leaves.]

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