Episode 220, scene 1

     [Dr. Rossi and Ann Howard go in the Shoreline Garage
     to see about the car and to talk with Rodney.] 

MR:  [Seeing the convertible]  Oh, Nice.  
MR:  Hello, Rod.
AH:  Hi.
RH:  Hello.
AH:  Is the car ready? 
RH:  Well, not quite.  I was a little quick to lay it all on the carbureter.
     Lee should have checked it out more completely before making any deals 
     with you.
MR:  Were you able to fix it?
RH:  Well, I think I've got it running pretty good, yeah.
MR:  Oh.
AH:  I need a car.  You tell me.  Is this the right one for me?
RH:  Well, I think it is now.
AH:  Fine, then no problems.
RH:  I have a few with Mr. Webber.  But . . .
RH:  Look, if you don't want to take the car, miss Howard, you don't have to.
AH:  And leave you stuck with it?
RH:  I'll find another buyer.
AH:  At a loss.
MR:  Well, how much is the repair bill?
RH:  Doctor, there is no repair bill.  Whether miss Howard takes the car or 
     not.  That isn't my way of doing business. 
AH:  Rod, you're being too generous.
RH:  It's not . . .


[Dr. Rossi looks under the hood.]

AH:  What are you looking at?
MR:  I don't know.  
AH:  Well, it makes you look good.  You, bending over an engine.
     Very professional, very masculine.
MR:  Well, I knew that.  That's the reason I did it.
AH:  You're worried, aren't you.
MR:  Well, a little.
AH:  Then speak up.
MR:  Well, this is your business.  
AH:  I wanted to include you, so speak up.
MR:  Well, I think buying a car from Lee Webber is a little na¨auti;ve, 
     that's all.  I mean maybe . . .
     He's the brother of the boy you were accused of pushing over the bluff.
     Well, maybe he's still resentful.
AH:  Mike, are you suggesting that Lee would try to harm me?
MR:  No.  I don't know.  Maybe he's just trying to cheat you.  Maybe it's an 
AH:  Come on, Mike.  Tell me.  You think maybe Lee tampered with the engine 
     thinking I might just come in and drive off.  And maybe the brakes would 
     fail or the wheels would fall off. 
MR:  All right.  It's a possibility, isn't it.
AH:  Rod said he fixed it.  That's good enought for me.  Mike, I can't jump 
     at shadows.  There are too many real things I'm afraid of. 

     [Using his left hand, Rodney is putting battery water in a three cell, 
     six-volt car battery using a device that looks like a turkey baster, as 
     Lee comes in.] 

LW:  Hey, you know I've got about two hours work to do on this baby.
RH:  I want to talk to you.  Ann Howard was here.
LW:  Ann Colby.
RH:  What's the idea of selling her that car?
LW:  Well, a fellow makes a sale, tries to show his boss he's alert and on the 
     ball.  And what's his reward?
RH:  You knew that car was a bum.
LW:  Well, she didn't.  And that's the important part.
RH:  I'm not going to give you a lecture on ethics.  But I'm going to tell you 
     one thing.  That's not my way of doing business.
LW:  Why all the static?  It was a used car.
RH:  It was a car you sold to Ann Howard.
LW:  Colby.
RH:  Colby, Howard.  What were you trying to do?  Get even?
LW:  For what?
RH:  [shouting]  For what?
LW:  Look, maybe you'd want to even the score with her.  Not me.  I'm 
     different.  It's over, you know. 
RH:  You're really quite a guy, Lee.  You put your blind brother through 
     college You forgive the woman who was supposed to have pushed him off the 
     bluff.  Why, you're a saint. 
LW:  You want to fire me.  Well, you go ahead and fire me, boss.  I can make 
RH:  Well, if you want to quit, you go right ahead.  I can make out.
LW:  It's twisty, isn't it.  The way we're sticking together.  Like marriage, 
RH:  Is it?
LW:  Well, you were married.  It's a very interesting experience.
RH:  Go back to work, Lee.

[Lee is working under a car in the garage as Sandy comes in.]

LW:  [Speaking to the car.]  Oh, loosen up you miserable . . .
SW:  Lee.
LW:  What?  I just wanted to let you know I was here.
LW:  Oh, what a stinking time today.  All right Sandy.  I know you're here.
SW:  Aren't you going to quit for today.
LW:  Soon.
SW:  I've got a great idea.  Why don't we go out on the wharf and grab a bowl 
     of chowder . . .
LW:  . . . and go dancing at the Shoreline.
SW:  Yeah.
LW:  Why . . .


SW:  Right.


LW:  Sailors' bluff.  It's in the past and I want it to stay that way.  For him. 
SW:  And if it won't?
LW:  What do you have running through that . . . head of yours?
SW:  Chris is a man.  He is 24 years old and you can't keep going on . . .


[Martin Peyton is talking with Elliot as Allison comes in the General Store.]

EC:  Well, Hello, Allison.
AM:  Go ahead, Mr. Peyton.  Please finish what you were saying.  Mr. Peyton.
EC:  Allison, don't.
AM:  No.  I'd like to hear what Mr. Peyton has to say.
MP:  I don't think my grandson is ready for marriage.  To you or to any other 
AM:  You may be right.
MP:  There.
AM:  You may be right in your judgment about whether we're ready.  But I don't 
     think you have any right to force that judgment on anybody else.
MP:  That may be your opinion, young lady. 
AM:  It is my opinion.  It is also my opinion . . .
EC:  Allison.
AM:  It is also my opinion that you have no right to express yours.  You don't 
     have to talk to my grand father or father or my mother. 
AM:  If you have something to say, you can say it to Rodney and me.
AM:  We'd listen to you.
MP:  Good then . . .
AM:  We'd listen to you.  And then we'd make up our own minds.

[Allison Leaves.]

MP:  Well, the girl has some spirit.
EC:  I'm glad you realize that.
MP:  [Very pleasantly]  Good day, Mr. Carson.

[Peyton leaves.]

EC:  There goes the power and the pride of Peyton Place.  Do you think 
     he really means what he says or he's just spoiling for a fight? 
Eli: Well, If he's spoiling for one, Allison certainly gave him a battle.
EC:  Huh, huh, huh.  She gave him a good fight, didn't she?
Eli: She sure did.

[Reviewer's tape has gaps caused by clouds.]

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