Episode 207, Scene 4.

     Dialog between Constance and Allison:

     Constance and Allison are upstairs in the nursery sewing baby \
     things.  The radio is playing raucous instrumental music. 

CM:  Turn that down, would you?
AM:  Sure.
AM:  Do you think they'll play Rock-a-bye baby next?

     Allison turns the radio off.

CM:  Well, you didn't have to turn it off.
AM:  That's all right, I've had enough, too.

     phone rings

CM:  I'll get it.

     Constance lays her sewing down and gets up 
     to answer the phone out in the upstairs hall. 

CM:  Hello.
RH:  Hello, Mrs. Carson.  Is Allison there?
CM:  Just a moment, Rodney.

     Constance carries the phone into the sewing room.
     The cord is long enough. 

AM:  Hello.  Hi.
RH:  Hey, would you give a dirty grease-stained mechanic the honor of 
     your company tonight for dinner?
AM:  Tonight?
RH:  Sure.  We can go to the local greasy spoon if you're ashamed 
     to be seen with me. 
AM:  I'd like to.
RH:  What are you doing right now?
AM:  Right now I'm sitting here sewing.  In face, mother and I are sewing.
RH:  I see, that's why the distant tone.

RH:  I'll pick you up.
AM:  No, I'll meet you, at the garage.
RH:  Okay. 
RH:  I love you.

RH:  Do you hear me?
AM:  Yes.

     Allison hangs up.

AM:  Rodney is taking me to dinner tonight.
CM:  That's nice.
AM:  Mother, Rodney and I ...  I don't quite know how to say it.
     Things are different.  Did you know?
CM:  I sensed something the other night when you came in.
AM:  We've never talked about this kind of thing.
CM:  Let's try.  Let's try to talk.
AM:  I just want you to know that I've never been so happy in my whole 
     life.  I feel special. 

AM:  Aren't you going to say anything? 
CM:  You're happy now.  But I want it to last.
AM:  Why shouldn't it last?  We're not hurting anyone.  We're both free.
CM:  Yes, you're free.  Your father and I weren't free.  We had no right 
     to love.  But your case is different.  That's what you're telling 
     me, isn't it Allison? 
AM:  Well, it is, isn't it?  I knew you would understand, and nobody 
     else really matters.  So we wouldn't be hurting anyone.
CM:  But it isn't anyone I care about.  It's you.
AM:  But it's our business what we do.  Anyway, I'm not afraid of being 
CM:  You never had to live with that kind of hurt, the kind I've known.

CM:  You know, some women can't be hurt.  To them, this kind of thing is 
     a game, sort of an amusement, a challenge.  But we're not built 
     like that.
AM:  Why are we different?  You think we're better.
CM:  Just more vulnerable.  

CM:  My mother reared me to value myself.  I reared you the same way.  
     If you stop valuing yourself, If you give away too much of 
     yourself, too quickly, you won't be able to live with what's left. 

CM:  We can't be shabby or promiscuous.  We can't lie and pretend.  It 
     tears us apart.  Our love has to be out in the open.  Something we 
     can be proud of. 
AM:  Is that why you went running off to New York?  Is that why my 
     father came running after you?
CM:  That happened.  It wasn't planned that way.  My going away was 
     meant to end things.  It only lasted a week.  And then I found out I 
     was pregnant and I couldn't come home.  I couldn't talk about it or 
     tell anyone.  It seemed to me that everyone on the street was 
     staring at me.  As though everybody knew.  All of a sudden our love 
     didn't seem so proud and wonderful and good anymore. 
AM:  That was a long time ago.  Things change.  People change.  
CM:  We like to think they do.
AM:  Well, does it matter as long as they love.
CM:  It matters.  It has to be the right man for you.  And the right love.
AM:  And what makes it right?  Marriage?  That makes everything right, 
     doesn't it?   And if it doesn't work out, you just get a divorce 
     and you try again. 
CM:  Don't fence with me, Allison.  There is only one kind of 
     marriage that is right for you.  A deep, deep bond between a man 
     and a woman, that is forged out of love and honesty and respect.  It 
     grows stronger when there are children.  And it can survive 
     anything, anything at all.  That's what I want for you.  And you'll 
     never be happy if you settle for less. 
AM:  Now you tell me I'm wrong.  You tell me what to do.
CM:  No.  You're not a little girl anymore.  And you're not Rodney's 
     princess.  A woman has to make her own decisions.   And she has to 
     live with herself. 

     This scene was difficult to transcribe.  The background 
     music was too loud and actors did not speak clearly. 

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