Episode 215, Scene 7.  

     Ann howard has ordered a dry martini as Steven comes over to sit.

     Dialog between Steven Cord and Ann Howard at the Inn. 

AH:  Thank you for coming.  I'm sorry.  I won't bother you often.
SC:  No bother.
AH:  Steven, someone wants me out of town.  Both Elliot Carson and Dr. 
     Morton have received what I guess you might call poison pen 
     letters, identifying me as Ann Colby and recalling what 
     happened on the bluff. 
SC:  What else? 
AH:  The writer objected to my be allowed to work with children.
SC:  Having been accused of blinding a child yourself.
AH:  And having quote, sadistically pushed a child over a cliff and 
     quote, maimed him.
SC:  No signature? 
AH:  No.  No signature.
SC:  One letter sounds like a crank.  Two sounds like a campaign.  Did 
     you go to the police?
AH:  And get them to try and trace the stationery.  It was on plain 
     bond paper.  You can buy it at any drug store. 
SC:  Ann.  Don't compete with the police.

        [waitress comes over.]

WP:  Good evening, Mr. Cord.  Anything for you?
SC:  No thank you, Paula.
AH:  Steven, will you handle this?  I know, you're an attorney.  
     Nothing else.  But I want you to handle it.
SC:  Ironically, I was going to call you tomorrow.  And tell you I was 
     making progress.  I had a talk with Lee Webber.
AH:  He must be terribly resentful.
SC:  Not at all.  He was very civil.  Cooperative.
AH:  What about the others who were there on the bluff?
SC:  I'm still trying to locate Arthur Crain.  I found out he's got a 
     job in Boston now, but his job takes him out of town a great deal.  
     It's just a question of contacting him. 
AH:  The others?
SC:  Richard Harrison moved to New York two years ago.  I'm trying to 
     locate him.  And Margaret Stratton is visiting a relative in 
     Canada.  I understand she is due back shortly.  It's just a matter 
     of time.  Once we get in touch with them it will be possible to put 
     together a kind of jigsaw puzzle. 
AH:  If I'm not run out of town first. 
SC:  Look Ann, I know how upsetting this is.  But there's really no 
     harm it can do, providing Dr. Morton supports you.
AH:  You mean, just forget it?
SC:  Oh no.  Don't forget it.  I know you can't do that.  But don't let it 
     overwhelm you. 
AH:  Dr. Morton has just put me on probation.  His first duty is to his 
     patients.  And if pressure is put on him to fire me he will have to 
     do that.

        [Ann gets out her checkbook.]

AH:  Steven, I want to give you a retainer now.  It can't be much, but I 
     want to start. 
SC:  Ann, I told you there is no need for that.  Now, why not defer 
     payment til you've bought the things you need to get settled. 
AH:  Thanks.  But I can manage that.  Maybe I just want to make sure you 
     will continue. 
SC:  I'll continue.

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