Episode 222, Scene 1.  

         Dialog between Rodney and Martin Peyton:

        [Rodney knocks on Peyton's bedroom door.]

        [Hannah walks over and opens the door.]

RH:  Hello, Mrs. Cord.  May I speak to my grandfather alone, please?
HC:  [untelligible.]

        [Hannah leaves closing the door.]

RH:  Grandfather, I just want you to know I was wrong in the way I acted 
     last night.  But, I think you were, too.  All wrong in the way you 
     treated Norman.  Well, what's so funny?
MP:  Most people are puffy faced, half conscious and dull in the morning.  
     I find your early morning anger, refreshing, stimulating, and yet, 
RH:  Did you hear a word I said?
MP:  Every word.
RH:  And all you feel is amusemant?
MP:  Rodney, I was only trying to help Norman.
RH:  How, by humiliating him.
MP:  Before you interfered, I . . .
RH:  Interfered?  It was getting out of hand.
MP:  Before you interfered, I had offered to put Norman through college.  
     Help him with his living expenses.  He was foolish enough to refuse 
     my help.
RH:  You make that sound like a crime.
MP:  If you picked a wife like the Jacks girl and you're   penniless and 
     uneducated, it is a crime to refuse help. 
RH:  You're amazing.  You're amazing.  The way you have treated Norman. 
     The way you've always treated him.  And all you feel is that he's 
     foolish for refusing your help?
MP:  How do you think I should feel? 
RH:  I think you should feel guilty and ashamed for the way you have 
     treated him.  For the way you have ignored his existence all these 
     years.  And now for the way you're ignoring Rita.  
MP:  You're the one who should feel guilty and ashamed because of the way 
     you pushed Norman around last night.  What did you say that made 
     Norman see red?  I remember.  He said, "How do you get to be the 
     chosen one, Rodney?"  That's what made you explode.  That's what 
     you're trying to blame me for.  
RH:  You're right, I do feel guilty.  And I'm going to straighten that 
     out with him.  But that does not let you off the hook, grandfather. 
MP:  You're out of order, both of you.  Norman for his ridiculous 
     behavior, and you for defending him.  Norman is fortunate, extremely 
     fortunate, to have someone who's willing to give him financial help 
     when he needs it.  You think that's easy to come by? 
RH:  Don't you understand?  All he has ever wanted from you is the one 
     thing you didn't give him.  Your approval, your affection, your 
     love.  That's all he ever wants or needs.  I don't know, maybe.  
     Maybe you can't give that.  Maybe that's the one thing you don't 
     have to give, to anyone.  

     [Rodney opens the bedroom door and leaves.]

     [Hannah comes back in the bedroom.]

HC:  Well, was that worth it?  

     [Hannah closes door.]

HC:  Was it really worth putting Rodney's father back in charge of the 
     mill, just so you could have Rodney live under the same roof with 
     you?  So you could try once again to win that boy's loyalty and love? 
MP:  My grandsons are none of your business. 
HC:  All of your sacrifices, worthless.
MP:  I don't need your pity.
HC:  I'm not giving you my pity.
MP:  As long as I'm able, I shall continue to try to influence my 
     grandsons the way I think best. 
HC:  It's futile. 
MP:  Get out Hannah.
HC:  Even if you were to suceed in winning them over tomorrow, it 
     wouldn't mean a thing.  Not a thing.  Because as soon as Ann Howard 
     decides to let the truth be known.  The truth about you, Martin.  
     About your reason for this sudden burst of family feeling, your 
     precious relationship with your grandsons collapses.  Everything 
     collapses.  Everything we both tried to protect. 

     [Hannah leaves.]

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