Episode 222, Scene 2.  

     Steven is walking on the wharf near the boarding house toward the 
     Tavern as Ann Howard drives up. 

SC:  Good morning, Ann.
AH:  Well, what do you think?  [about my car?]
SC:  Well, I suppose it's better than walking.
AH:  Hey, don't be rude to it.  It's tempermental.
SC:  Any more trouble at the hospital?
AH:  No.  Everything is ominously quiet.  How about you?
SC:  I finally got in touch with Arthur Crain.  I'm meeting him here this morning.
AH:  Oh, that's wonderful.  How much does he remember?
SC:  Well, we didn't talk that much on the phone.  But he said he remembered the 
     bluff incident clearly. 
AH:  After all these years, that's somethin.
SC:  Look, let me warn you.  Don't start cheering yet.
AH:  Funny that someone like Arthur Crane should be so important to me now.
SC:  He was one of your accusers.
AH:  I hardly remember what he looks like.
SC:  You were a child.  We were all strangers.
AH:  Will you let me know what happens?
SC:  Of course.
AH:  Whatever it is?
SC:  Whatever it is.
AH:  Bye.

     Ann starts her engine and leaves.  Steven continues on toward the Tavern. 

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