Episode 222, Scene 4.

     Dialog between Rita and Ada:

AJ:  You came all the way down here just to raid the ice-box?
RH:  Nope, just to talk.
AJ:  Well, there's got to be a first time for everything.

        [Ada tries to hand a plate of food to Rita.]

RH:  Uh, uh.  That's your breakfast, I'm not hungry.
AJ:  You've got to build yourself up.
RH:  Who have you been talking to?
AJ:  Dr. Rossi.
RH:  How come?
AJ:  He dropped in.
RH:  Mom?
AJ:  Well, just because he's a doctor, can't he drop into a bar?  Since 
     when did you become such a snob?
RH:  What did he say?
AJ:  That you shouldn't skip meals.  Now what do you want to talk about? 
RH:  Do you think it was wrong of me not to want a baby?
AJ:  Now, that's kind of hard to answer a question out of left field 
     like that.
RH:  I'm confused.  Norm figures how we can afford to have one.  And 
     I'm all for waiting.  Then he decides it would be a good idea to 
     wait, and I change my mind and want one. 
AJ:  That's normal.  Everybody . . .
RH:  No it's not.  Women shouldn't not want babies.  It's wrong.  I'm 
     scared, mom.  What if I couldn't? 
AJ:  You'll be perfectly all right.  You're just nervous.
RH:  If we really decide to have a baby and I couldn't, I'd die.  I'd 
     really just die. 
RH:  Well, say something.  
AJ:  What do you want me to say? 
RH:  Tell me I won't be punished for not wanting a baby. 
AJ:  I wasn't.  Your father and I weren't getting along.  Our marriage 
     was on the rocks and I thought maybe having a baby might help.  It 
     never does.  He left before you were born.  And there I was 
     pregnant when I needed to be attractive.  I didn't just not want 
     you.  I hated you.  If anyone gets punished, I ought to be.  I was 
     going to give you up for adoption.  
RH:  What made you change your mind about giving me away? 
AJ:  I started to, to like you. 
RH:  Mom, tell me I'll be able to have a baby, sometime. 

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