Episode 222, Scene 5.

     Dialog between Allison, Constance, and Betty in the Book Gallery. 

BA:  Good Morning.
AM:  Good Morning.
CM:  Hello, Betty.  What can we do for you?
BA:  I'd better help you, or you'll be in the delivery room this 
AM:  I told mother I could do it, but she [unintelligible] if she keeps 
     it up. 
BA:  I want a cook book.  
CM:  Oh, a cookbook.  I'll show you where they are.
BA:  Actually, I'd like a salt-free cookbook, if you have one.
CM:  All right.
CM:  We do.  They're here some place, if I can find them.
AM:  Betty, I've got the perfect book for you.  This is my favorite.  
     There are 15 pages on how to prepare a suckling pig for 35 people.  
     It's marvelous.  You serve it on a wooden platter and you put an 
     apple in its mouth to soak.
BA:  Sounds like fun to try.
AM:  Well, then you don't want the salt-free one?
BA:  Sure, I want to concoct a salt-free suckling pig.
CM:  Shall I charge it to Mr. Peyton?
BA:  No.  Send the bill to Steven's office.  You don't have to put the 
     titles on the sales slip, do you? 
CM:  No, we can just call it cookbooks.
BA:  That's fine.  Steven and I want you all to come over to the house.  
     It's in a shambles now.  But.
CM:  We'd love to.  I bet you've done a beautiful job.
BA:  Thank you.  Drop by soon.
CM:  We'll try.
AM:  Bye, Bye.  Thank you.

CM:  Betty's giving a fancy dinner.  Right?
AM:  Right.
CM:  People on salt-free diets usually have heart conditions.  Right?
AM:  Right.
CM:  And the only one we know who falls into that category is Martin 
     Peyton.  Right? 
AM:  Right.  And for Mr. Peyton it would have to be fancy as well as 
CM:  Right? 
AM:  Now I know why you read all those mystery books all the time.
CM:  It's probably something sinister like a surprise birthday party.
AM:  For Mr. Peyton?  
CM:  Yes.
AM:  Betty is a marvelous kind of wife.  She has all the drive.  She can 
     mix socially with people.  Steven is a lucky man. 
CM:  That's only a small part of being a wife, Allison.
AM:  No, not really.  It's a big part.  Because it shows that Betty 
     knows who she is and what she wants from life.  I envy her.  I wish 
     I could be like her. 
CM:  Oh, Allison stop this.  Ever since you and Rodney have been having 
     trouble, you've been comparing yourself to other girls.  Betty has 
     more drive.  Rita has more devotion.  The girls at the Shoreline are 
     less inhibited.  Rodney loves you for what you are. 
AM:  Maybe.

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