Episode 222, Scene 6.

     Dialog between Steven Cord and Arthur Crain:

     Steven has been waiting in the tavern since scene 3 
     playing tic-tac-toe in the dust on the bar counter. 

AC:  I'm very sorry to be so late, Mr. Cord.
SC:  That's all right, Mr. Crain.  I appreciate your fitting us into 
     your schedule.
AC:  I decided to walk from the station.  I'd forgotten how far it was.
SC:  Coffee?  The bar doesn't open until noon.
AC:  Oh, nothing for me, thanks.  Well, this place hasn't changed.  Does 
     Ada Jacks still own it? [amused]. 
SC:  Yes.  
AC:  I used to spend quite a bit of time around here. 
SC:  When was the last time you were in town?  
AC:  Oh, let me see.  Five years, I think.  Yeah, it's five years.  Just 
     for a day.  I never would have recognized you after all these years. 
SC:  Nor I, you.
AC:  You were lucky to catch me at the home office.  I'm seldom there 
     now-a-days.  It's curious after all these years.  Somebody is 
     re-opening what happened on that bluff.
SC:  Ann Colby is the one who is re-opening it, Mr. Crain.
AC:  She is?
SC:  She's living here under her married name, Howard.  She's retained 
     me to find out what happened.  You said on the phone, you remember 
     the incident quite clearly. 
AC:  I do.
SC:  Well, my memories of it are vague and confusing.
AC:  Not mine.  I'm afraid I'll never forget it.
SC:  Had you played with the same children before?
AC:  Oh, yes, many times.
SC:  Then you all knew that a fall from the bluff could be fatal?
AC:  Yes.
SC:  Had you ever seen Ann Howard before that day?
AC:  No.
SC:  Do you recall anything about her appearance?
AC:  I think so.  I think she was wearing a red sweater and a skirt.
     Yeah, I remember that, red sweater.  That's right isn't it?

SC:  Where were you when the accident occurred?
AC:  I was right there, horsing around with the rest of them.  One 
     minute it was fun and laughing, and the next minute Chris Webber 
     was screaming as he fell off the bluff.  Everybody said that Ann 
     did it. 
SC:  I know.  Everyone said it, Arthur.  I said it.  But after I forced 
     myself to think about it, I realized painfully that I was 
     frightened and excited, and just aping what the rest of kids 
     were saying. 
AC:  Are you saying this was kid's stuff?  It wasn't.  The girl's father 
     went along with it.  
SC:  How do you mean went along with it?
AC:  He said he believed she did it.  He said she was subject to fits of 
SC:  Well, you've got a good memory, Arthur.  
AC:  I do, for certain things.  
SC:  And you remember that Ann Howard actually pushed Chris Webber off 
     the bluff?
AC:  Yes.
SC:  You're positive?
AC:  Yes.  If I hadn't seen her do it, I'd never say it.  But, I saw 
     her do it. [determined].

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