Episode 222, Scene 8.  Dialog between Rodney and Leslie:

     Rodney goes into Leslie's office and closes the door.

LH:  Now what was all that hysteria on the telephone?
RH:  Well, Norman and I had a fight.  A bad fight.
LH:  And you want me to have a talk with Norman.  Smooth things over.  
     Is that it?
RH:  No.  No, I didn't come here to complain about Norman.  

RH:  I've got to tell him that the reason I moved in with my grandfather 
     was so you could have this job back.  

RH:  I know it's going to damage your relationship with him, but I can't 
     help it. 
LH:  What do you mean?  You can't help it.
RH:  I just can't have it weighing me down any longer.
LH:  How does it weigh you down?  All I got from your phone conversation 
     was that your adolescent dignity is offended.  Your shining armor 
     is rusted by the so-called dirty deal I made with your 
RH:  Come on, Dad.  Lets face it.  You made an under-the-table-deal 
     with him.
LH:  Well, I guess by your foolish, noble standards, I should spend my 
     twenty or so remaining years in dignified, tight-lipped poverty.  
     But I'm a practical man.  And I made a practical deal with your 
     grandfather.  The kind of deal that's made everyday, everywhere 
     between men.  You understand?
RH:  I guess I should understand, shouldn't I? 
JH:  When are you going to grow up, Rodney?  You're 21 years old now. 
     You've been through a murder trial, and you're still ...
RH:  Still what?
LH:  You're still acting like a child.  With a child's fairy tale 
     notions of morality. 
RH:  No.  I knew I couldn't get through to you.
LH:  Then why did you bother me with all this?  Why didn't you just go 
     ahead and tell Norman? 
RH:  Because that's another one of my problems, Dad.  I'm "Honorable 
     Rodney."  I felt I had to tell you.
LH:  Have you discussed this with your grandfather?
RH:  Not specifically.
LH:  Well, when he finds out that Norman knows the truth, he'll be 
     delighted, I can get assure you.  Because you will have 
     accomplished for your grandfather what he has tried and failed to 
     do for 20 years. 
RH:  I can't get you to understand.
LH:  You'll destroy our family, Rod.
RH:  I'm not convinced we've ever been a family.  

RH:  Okay, I've been näive.  The issue's clear, isn't it?  It's your 
     relationship with Norman or mine.  Okay, I'm going to take a lesson 
     from you.  I'm going to start being more practical.  I will look 
     out for number one. 
LH:  I warn you, Rod.  You will destroy our family.
RH:  No, Dad, not the family.  Just you.

     Rodney turns and leaves.

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