Episode 230, scene 3.

     Sandy is running the Cider Barrel as Chris comes in.

CW:  Morning, all.
SW:  Ok, lover, what do you want?
CW:  A cup of coffee.
SW:  Nothing else?
CW:  Not this morning.
SW:  You ought to eat something, Chris. 
CW:  Mother, may I have a cup of coffee?
SW:  Stubborn crumb.
     [Sandy brings coffee.]
SW:  Are you all right today?
CW:  Did you ever know me when I wasn't?
SW:  Oh, you know what I mean.  So many things have been happening.
CW:  We'll survive.
SW:  What are you going to do today?
CW:  Good coffee.
SW:  Come on.
CW:  Must I have some plan in mind every minute?
SW:  I've never known you when you didn't.
CW:  I'm going to the library.
SW:  Do they have Braille stuff in this town?
CW:  I hired a reader, yesterday.
SW:  Yeah.  Someone I know?
CW:  Allison Mackenzie.  
     Huh, how about warming up my coffee?
     You know it's amazing how fast you clam up when all I do is mention 
     a girl's name. 
SW:  Why couldn't I read to you?
CW:  You've got a job.
SW:  You could get the books, bring them home, and I could read to you at 
CW:  You'd quit after the first paragraph.
SW:  I would not.
CW:  Now, now green lady.  Settle down.
SW:  It just makes me mad when you do stupid things like this.
CW:  Stupid things.
SW:  Just plain dumb.
CW:  You're my brother's wife.
     [Allison comes in the cafe.]
AM:  Chris, hello.
CW:  Hi.
AM:  Hi, Sandy
SW:  Hi.
CW:  How about a cup of coffee before we tackle the foundations of 
AM:  All right. 
CW:  Sandy, cup of coffee for Allison.
SW:  She'll have to wait.  I just ran out.  I'm making a fresh pot right 
AM:  Oh, well then, could I then have tea then, please.
SW:  I'll see.
CW:  Common disease, jealous.  Maternal jealousy.
     [Sandy brings Allison a cup of tea.]
     [Rodney comes in.]
SW:  Hi, Rod.
RH:  Hello, Sandy
CW:  Hi, Rod.
RH:  Hi, Chris, . . . Allison.

RH:  Is Lee around?
AM:  [To Chris]  We'd better be going.
     [Allison and Chris get up to leave.]
CW:  If you like.
CW:  Thanks, sister-in-law.
RH:  Bye, Chris.
     [Chris and Allison leave.]
SW:  Oh, Lee hurt his hand yesterday.  He had to stop by the hospital 
     this morning.  He told me to tell you.  I was going to come by the 
     garage, but I know how you hate me to do that.  How about some 
     coffee on the house? 
     [Sandy brings coffee to Rodney.]
RH:  Thank you.
SW:  How about that?
RH:  What?
SW:  Chris and your girl friend.
RH:  Well, That's the way you see it, isn't it?  A male and a female 
     together.  I mean, it couldn't be anything else, could it? 
SW:  Well, she reads to him.  You know school stuff.  Little words, big 
RH:  What's the matter with you sandy?
SW:  He didn't ask me.

SW:  Hey, Rod, maybe you ought to spread your wings some too.
RH:  You're beginning to sound like a broken record.
SW:  At least you're listening.
RH:  You're a little hard to turn off.
SW:  You bet.  How was your moonlight sail, last night?
RH:  Restful.
SW:  If you looked back at the shore I was watching.
RH:  I didn't look, Sandy.
SW:  I was watching, you looked.
     [Rodney gets up to leave.]
RH:  See you later.

     [Rodney leaves as the scene ends.]

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