Episode 223, scene 1.

     Dialog between Norman and Rodney:

     Rodney rides his motorcycle and parks in front of the Pharmacy.
     He goes up to the apartment and knocks on Norman's bedroom door.

RH:  I came to apologize.
NH:  Swell, I accept.
RH:  Hey, it was none of my business.  I had no right to butt in.
     It was between you and your grandfather.

NH:  Well, you live there.  You can't just stand around while someone 
     kicks your bread and butter while he's down. 

RH:  I live there because I have to.
NH:  Why?  Did someone hold a gun to your back?
RH:  Yes, In a way.
NH:  Dad?

RH:  Grandfather offered him his old job back at the mill if I agreed to 
     come live with him. 
NH:  So you agreed to live in the big house.  To do what?  To play chess 
     with the old man?
RH:  Just to be there.  He thought that culture and class, family would 
     rub off. 
NH:  A finishing school to polish off the rough edges.
RH:  Well, You could say that. 
NH:  What about the money?  All the acres of Peyton green.
RH:  I don't want any of the money, Norman.
NH:  But it's there.  That's part of the deal.  Isn't that what he's 
     training you for to take over the whole works?  What are you go 
     What are you going to do when he hands it on a silver platter?  
     Throw it back in his face: 
RH:  I suppose.
NH:  Oh, sure.
RH:  Norm, I want to tell you something, if I have money coming.  And I 
     say if, I don't care what all the wills and lawyers in the world 
     say, I want to split it with you 50-50. 

NH:  Then, stop pretending it's there.  Like it's invisible or 
     something.  Right along with the food you eat and the bed you sleep 

NH:  How did noble father bait the hook?  Something's missing.  Come on 
     Rod, think it through.  You've got to be getting something out of 
     this.  I mean, you're not that much of a martyr.  You better 
     search your soul, big brother.  Well the client's awful quiet. 

     Rodney starts to leave.

RH:  You wait a minute.  You wait a minute.  You better start searching 
     your soul, little brother.  Now you have been at my throat ever 
     since I walked in the door.  You're still that spoiled kid brother 
     looking into my plate because I got more porriage that you did. 

     What's behind all this independence you've been doing. Maybe you're 
     just scared and you're dying for somebody to come and help you 
     because you bit off more than you can chew. 

NH:  Oh, come off that big brother act.  It's getting to be ancient 
RH:  You bet it is.  Because I served enough time in jail on that gig.

RH:  I'm sorry.
NH:  Well, it's finally in the open.  It was my fault you went to jail.
RH:  Hey, what I meant ...
NH:  Don't apologize.  You were honest for 5 seconds.  All these weeks, 
     you never mentioned it once.  Good old noble Rod.  Well, I never 
     forgot for one second why you were on trial. 

     Rodney turns and leaves.

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