Episode 263, scene 2.

     Unbooking desk at the jail.  Police Sct. William Wilson Walker has 
     just put Lee's belongings on the desk.  Lee picks up his billfold 
     and counts his folding money.  He puts the billfold in his pocket.

LW:  That's it.
SC:  Not quite.
LW:  How come it's so easy to get into this joint and so tough to get out?
SC:  This is between you and me.

SC:  [To WWW]  Thanks.

LW:  Look, In case I didn't say it before, thanks for springing me.
SC:  Well, that's part of the job, Lee.

SC:  Come over here.
SC:  Now, how good are you at listening?
LW:  Try me.
SC:  I'm going to give you some rules, and you're going to learn every 
     one of them. 
LW:  Shoot.
SC:  One.    Stay close to home.  You don't take any midnight strolls on 
             the beach.  No late dates at the Shoreline. 

     Two.    You don't so much as sneeze without my okay.  And

     Three.  You don't talk to anyone unless they talk to you.

LW:  And what do I say?
SC:  You just smile and shrug.
LW:  Are you going to change my diapers, and wipe my nose, too?
SC:  If that'll keep you out of trouble, yes.
LW:  Oh, come on counselor.
SC:  I'm not finished yet.
     The minute you walk out that door, your trial starts.  Everyone that  
     knows you or has heard of you, or knows someone who has heard of 
     you, is going to be watching. 
LW:  What for? 
SC:  To see whether you're innocent or guilty.
LW:  I can take care of myself.
SC:  You want to walk back into your cell and try that statement again?
LW:  Okay.  Okay.
SC:  I got you bail, but that's not a passport to heaven.  It's a 
     straight-jacket and we're both inside it. 
LW:  What kind of a cat do you think I am?
SC:  A restless cat, Lee.  A cat who doesn't know which way he's going to 
     jump until he lands.  That's why I'm keeping the leash nice and 
     short.  Understood?
LW:  Well, I'm not about to do anything to get me thrown back in this hole.
SC:  That's right, you're not.  And as long as you remember that you 
     still have a lawyer. 
LW:  Fair enough.
WWW: Webber.

     [Webber signs, takes his comb, keys, and some coins and leaves with 
     Steven Cord.] 

     [Lee and Steven exit by the front door of the Town Hall.  Lee shakes 
     Steven's hand.] 

LW:  Thanks again, counselor.
SC:  It's not over, yet.
LW:  I've got time.
SC:  You be in my office at 9:00 O'clock and we'll start preparing your 
LW:  Anything you say.

LW:  So long counselor.

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