Episode 226, scene 6.

     Constance tells a story to Rodney:

CM:  Come in Rod.
RH:  Hello, Mrs. Carson.  How are you?
CM:  Fine.  Come on in and sit down.  Allison will be ready in a minute.
RH:  I don't want to keep you, if you are busy.
CM:  No, No.  Mr. Carson's gone sailing.  We're not going to have dinner
       til late tonight.  I suppose the garage has been keeping you pretty 
RH:  Yes it has.
CM:  I've always been in awe of people who could understand the inside of 
       cars.  I have no idea what makes them run.  I take it all on faith.
RH:  You know, it used to be very easy for me to come here.  What happened? 
CM:  It's hard for you and Allison right now.
RH:  Yeah, I wish I knew when it was going to get easy.  I'd like to be 
       comfortable again.
CM:  You aren't. 
RH:  No. I'm not.  It should be like courting the girl next door.  Allison 
       and I have known each other all our lives. 
CM:  I remember when Allison was Norman's playmate.  He used to tag after 
       you all the time.
RH:  Yeah.  And I'd get sore.  You'd think that would help.  But it doesn't.  
       We've just known each other too well and too long. 
CM:  Maybe that's a part of the problem. 
RH:  It should be like a bridge between us.  But lately its been more like
       a mountain. 
CM:  That can happen to people. 

CM:  You know the little girl next door isn't always the one you marry. 
       When I was little there was a boy named Roy Barlow.  who lived 
       around the corner. He and his little girl next door announced 
       their engagement on his fourth birthday. 
RH:  Fourth?
CM:  They announced it at a party and for a present he gave her all the 
       strawberries from another girl's birthday cake. 
RH:  That must have caused a lot of gossip in the four year old set.
CM:  They were still teasing him about it when he reached high school
RH:  It lasted that long?  That's not Congressman Barlow is it?
CM:  Of course, that was a quite a bit of time ago.
RH:  Well, what happened?
CM:  They always knew they would be married some day.  But then Roy 
       suddenly fell head over heels in love with a little red-headed 
       girl he met at a dance in Boston.  He and Patsy have been very 
RH:  And his strawberry sweetheart, what happened to her?
CM:  She met a man named Elliot Carson.

RH:  You know, I almost asked Allison to marry me after my trial was over. 
CM:  I think she expected it.
RH:  I know.  I thought about taking the money that my mother had left me 
       instead of putting it into a garage put it into a wild honeymoon.   
       Go around the world, see everything, for one glorious year.  And 
       what do you come back to? 
CM:  Rita and Norman are very happy. 
RH:  Oh but they are two different people.  I just want Allison to wait 
       until I can give her the kind of things she deserves. 
CM:  You and Allison have always wanted something better.  Maybe that's 
       what makes you special people Special people are lonely people.  
       But Rod, special people get to be lonely people.

AM:  Mother.
CM:  Well, don't you look lovely.
AM:  Thank you.  I guess you want to go.
RH:  Well, It was nice talking to you Mrs. Carson.
AM:  Well, goodbye mother.

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