Dialog from Episode 227 scene 1.

     Shoreline:  Betty is with Steven.  Sandy is with Lee.
SW:  What's the matter?
LW:  Looks like Chris has a full house.  

BC:  Steven, let's leave.
SC:  No, we're staying.

LW:  You're a little early, counselor.  The place don't start jumping 
     till about nine. 
SC:  Oh, we're not looking for entertainment, Lee.
LW:  That's all you're going to find here.
SC:  I told you, I have to speak to your brother.
LW:  Not tonight.

     Steven and Betty go sit at a table.

SC:  Fasten your seat belt and order something to go.
BC:  Watch out, Steven.  Be careful.
SC:  Always.

     Steven stands.  Lee walks over.

LW:  Chris isn't ready to speak to you yet.
SC:  Steven says, "I'm ready to talk to him.
LW:  You know he's just about ready to jump right out of his skin sitting 
     up there.  I almost had to drag him down here tonight.  And I want a 
     chance to talk to him first. 
SC:  You've had your chance and now it's mine.

SW:  Lee, come and sit down.
LW:  You stay out of this, Sandy.

     Steven walks over to Chris at the piano.

SC:  Hello, Chris.
CW:  Hello.  
SC:  You've got a nice touch.
CW:  We aim to please.   
SC:  It's Steven Cord, Chris.
CW:  How are you, Steven?  
SC:  Well done.
CW:  I understand you're an attorney now.
SC:  Right now I'm Ann Howard's lawyer.
CW:  I know.
SC:  Ann Colby.
CW:  I know.
SC:  I'd like to ask you a few questions.

     Music stops.

CW:  Go on, ask the questions.
SC:  Only one.  Do you remember who pushed you?

     Lee walks over and interrupts.

LW:  Chris, let's go have a smoke.  
SC:  Do you know who pushed you, Chris?
CW:  No, I don't.  
LW:  We both know.  Everybody knows. 
CW:  I don't, Lee.  It's all hazy.  Forgotten.  Maybe because I don't want 
     to remember.  Maybe because I want to forget.  
SC:  Thanks, Chris.  For me and Ann.

     Steven goes back to Betty's table.
LW:  What do you think you have?    
SC:  Enough.
LW:  Enough for what?
SC:  Ann has a right to know just what happened on that bluff.
LW:  Well, you were there.  And you saw her push him.
SC:  I don't know that.
LW:  Well, I do.  And so does everybody else that was there.
SC:  Chris doesn't.
LW:  He's forgotten.  That's what he said and he wants to forget.
     And I don't want to see you shake him up again.
SC:  You're not going to stop me.
LW:  I could break you in little pieces, just like that.
SC:  I'm glad you've got such big muscles, Lee.  You better exercise the 
     one between your ears."  

     Steven goes back and sits with Betty.

BC:  Aren't you being a little foolish?
SC:  I'm not picking the fight.
BC:  Spoken like a true child.  Do it again in another century.  It's 
SC:  What's your hurry, this place doesn't start jumping til about nine?  
     I'd like to catch a little of the action. 
BC:  You better watch out, or you're going to be part of it. 

SW:  You knew he wanted to talk to Chris.  What are you making waves for? 

     Lee tips Sandy's glass over.  Sandy stands up to leave.

LW:  Your glass is empty.

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