Episode 228, scene 5.

     Steven and Betty are in their bedroom talking.

BA:  Come on, Steven, get mad.
SC:  What for?
BA:  I got the impression you didn't exactly approve of me at the 
SC:  I didn't.
BA:  Why not?
SC:  Because you were vulgar.
BA:  What?
SC:  Because you were vulgar.
BA:  That's bad enough.  Don't shout it.
SC:  What good would it do?
BA:  Get it out of your system.
SC:  That's your modus vivendi, isn't it?
BA:  I never went to college, Steven.
SC:  According to you, there is no other reason for doing it, just get it 
     out of your system.  Like a two-year-old.  Like an animal, just get 
     it out of your system. 
BA:  I like to dance.  I suppose that's vulgar, too.
     [Steven gets up and grabs Betty's arm.]
SC:  Nobody in their right mind would call what you were doing dancing. 
BA:  What would somebody in their right mind call it?
SC:  Exhibitionism.
BA:  You know something, Steven.  You're a stuffed shirt. 

BA:  Anything spontaneous makes you nervous.  You're an inhibited stuffed 
SC:  Nothing justifies your acting like a . . .
BA:  Like a what?  Go on Steven, say it.
SC:  It was obvious, Betty.
BA:  Say what you mean for once in your life.
SC:  That little dance competition with Sandy Webber was strictly for 
     Rodney Harrington's benefit.  I mean he was watching and you knew 
     it. I mean you were dancing that way.  And by that way I mean 
BA:  I was not.
SC:  Probably the same way when you were dancing when you were the 
     hottest little number in Peyton High.  No red-blooded boy could 
     resits.  Not even a blue-blooded Harrington. 
     [Betty slaps Steven.  Steven glares at her.] 
SC:  I feel sorry for Allison Mackenzie.  She doesn't have a chance.  
     But, that's not your problem is it?  No, the only problem you have 
     is getting Rodney Harrington out of your system. 
BA:  I am fed up with your suspicions.  I am fed up with your 
     accusations.  Rodney is out of my system.  When are you going to 
     start believing it? 

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