Episode 230, scene 2.

     [Betty comes in the foyer and looks into the livingroom and speaks 
     to Rodney who has just come in the foyer from the kitchen.]
RH:  Good morning.
BA:  Hi.  I just noticed your mother's portrait.
RH:  Oh, Yes, it's being cleaned.
BA:  Well, how do you know?
RH:  Because Mrs. Cord just told me about 5 minutes ago in the kitchen.
BA:  But . . .
RH:  But what?
BA:  Well, it was just cleaned 3 months ago.
RH:  Grandfather Peyton probably found another speck on it.  He's got a 
     thing about that painting.  He's going to have it cleaned until it 
     disappears, for my money.
BA:  Why do you say that?
RH:  Well, because I don't like it.  I don't think the artist captured 
     my mother.  At least not the way I knew her.
BA:  It must have been painted before you were born.
RH:  Still, I don't like it.
RH:  Is there anything wrong?
BA:  Oh, No.  Nothing's the matter.
RH:  You're sure?
BA:  Yes.
RH:  Okay, I'll see you around.
BA:  Bye.
RH:  Goodbye.

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