Episode 230, scene 1.

     Hannah bangs on the front door outer doorknob to simulate a breakin.

HC:  I wasn't able to sleep.  I thought I heard something downstairs and I 
     came down here and found that.  I checked the rest of the house.  I 
     couldn't find anything except for the front doorknob.  There were 
     marks on it as though somebody had gone after it with a hammer.   
     That girl, Martin.  Ann Colby.  She knows, Martin.
MP:  She knows what?
HC:  Truth, about herself and Steven and about Catherine, Martin.  It's 
     her way of telling us she knows and warning us.
     Aren't you going to say anything?
MP:  You did it, Hannah.  You took out all your hatred, your hatred of 
     Catherine on her painting.  
HC:  That's ridiculous.
MP:  You wanted that portrait destroyed.  Now you have accomplished it.
HC:  No.
MP:  I know you Hannah.  I know all your little twists and turns.  It has 
     become an obsession with you.  As obsessive as your desire to 
     believe that Steven is really your son. 
HC:  You can believe I did it if you want to.  If it makes you more 
     comfortable.  If it helps you to forget that girl is here.
MP:  Take it down.  Put it in the basement.  No one is to know what 
     happened.  Especially my grandson.
     [Martin gets up]
HC:  Martin, there's one other person who is capable of doing that.  Do 
     you know where Brian Colby is?  No.  No, of course, you don't.
     And you don't want to admit that this could be his first move in a 
     war of nerves.  That it would be Brian Colby who broke in.  And 
     that, Martin Peyton, who I am back for more.
MP:  He won't get it.  Not another dollar.  Tomorrow, in the morning, I'm 
     driving in to Boston. 
HC:  Why?
MP:  I'm going to make certain that my new will is in my hands tomorrow.  
     I'll be armed. 
HC:  Where will that leave Steven?
     Hannah and Peyton glare at each other.]
MP:  Where he belongs.  Outside.

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