Episode 249, scene 6
     Steven goes in Ada Jacks' Tavern.  Chris is playing the piano.  
     Steven walks over to Chris.  Freddy [Mario] and his girl friend 
     are sitting at a table near the piano. 

CW:  I don't like anybody looking over my shoulder when I'm playing, Mr. 
     Cord.  Mr. Cord?
SC:  Yes.
CW:  Well, you've been after me all evening.  I guess it was just a matter 
     of time until you found me, wasn't it?
SC:  I want to talk to you, Chris.
CW:  You're interrupting my concert.
SC:  Why don't we go outside?
CW:  You've got an impossible job, Mr. Cord.  You're without portfolio, as 
     they say.  You're not a policeman, or a district attorney, or an 
     insurance investigator, or even a nosy reporter.  You have nothing 
     official behind you.  No power.  No street to enforce, anything. 
SC:  Okay, we'll talk here.
CW:  It's going to be a long concert.  I hope you have the time to wait.
SC:  What you told Allison is true, isn't it?  Ann Howard didn't push you 
     off the bluff.

SC:  I'm not getting off your back until you admit it's true.
     [Chris continues to play.]
CW:  That's just the first movement of my concert, Mr. Cord.  Only 99 more 
     to go. 
     [Steven closes the piano lid.]
SC:  Your concert is over.
AJ:  You want a drink, Steven, or did you just come here to make trouble?
CW:  I'll yell for help if he gets violent, Ada.

CW:  Well, what do we do now, Mr. Cord?  You're stronger than I am.  What 
     do you want me to do?  Call my big brother to come down here and 
     knock your head off? 
SC:  Haven't you leaned on your brother enough?  Haven't you taken enough 
     of his money, and help, and support?
CW:  That's bad psychology, counselor.  Bait the hostile witness.
SC:  It will get more hostile as we go on.
CW:  Listen, If I wasn't blind, I would have taken a swing at you a long 
     time ago, mister. 
SC:  Well, that's more like it.  You're not that sweet humble pie, 
     helpless kid are you?  You're as vicious as your brother.  Only he 
     comes out with it.  Out in the open.  You hide behind your blindness. 
CW:  All right, the witness is hooked.  I'm getting irritated.
SC:  Because you're blind.  You get even with the world by torturing 
     people, like you're torturing Ann Howard.

SC:  For 17 years you've made Ann Howard think she is responsible for 
     your problems.  That's going to stop right now.  Because you're 
     going to tell me the truth.
AJ:  Leave him alone.  You're not in your courtroom, now.  You're not 
     going to push people around in here.
CW:  Get me a beer, Ada.  
AJ:  Get on out of here.
CW:  Just get me a beer.
SC:  You're going to admit to the truth.  Now, you've already admitted it 
     to a young, pretty, innocent, young girl, who feels so sorry for you 
     she can't see the viciousness in you.  She's your first girl, isn't 
     she?  Allison Mackenzie.  You even like the sound of the her name, 
     don't you?  She's you're first girl friend and she's made you feel so 
     decent you've done a very strange thing.  You've told her the truth. 
CW:  Oh, that word.  Truth.
SC:  And that's what I want from you, even though you're handicapped.
AJ:  This is just what you did to my Rita when you had her on the witness 
     stand.  That's all you know how to do, isn't it?  Push people around.  
     Herd them.  Tear them apart. 
F:   He's not going to push anybody around, Ada.  Why don't you take a 
     walk for yourself, Mac? 
SC:  I guess you wanted a public debate, didn't you?  The public feels 
     sorry for you, Chris.  They don't know you like I do.
F:   Do you want us to throw you out of here?
SC:  [To Freddy]  Don't press your luck.
     [Mood music]
SC:  I wonder what you would do without your rooting section.
CW:  I'm not afraid of you.

     [Steven goes outside and Chris follows.]