Episode 249, scene 7

     Chris goes out the door of the tavern and calls to Steven.

CW:  Steven, Steven.
SC:  I'm here.  Right here.  
CW:  There's no rooting section out here.
SC:  What did you come out for?
CW:  To call your bluff.
     [mood music]
SC:  All right.  Repeat what you told Allison.
CW:  Look, she's a pretty nervous kid.  Nice, but she jumps to conclusions.
SC:  You mean, she was lying when she said you admitted Ann Howard 
     didn't push you off the bluff?  
CW:  That's right.
SC:  But, she hadn't even heard of Ann Howard until a short time ago.  
     Why would Allison lie about her? 
CW:  Why don't you ask Allison?
SC:  Okay, you can ride out to her house with me.  Let's see what you 
     both say when you're face-to-face.  

SC:  I can't hear you Chris.
CW:  I'm not going anywhere with you.
SC:  Now, what's the matter?  It should be a snap for you to come out 
     with me to tell Allison she is lying.  You have an advantage.  You 
     won't be able to see the hurt, shocked, look on her face.  This is 
     the one time you can luck out.  

SC:  Now, You're not afraid of that nice, innocent, honest girl, are you?
SC:  Speak up Chris.  I can't hear you.
CW:  I don't have to take any more from you.
SC:  That's right, you don't.  But you will.  You didn't have to come 
     out here, but you did.  Why?
CW:  Wouldn't you feel more at home if this were a witness stand?
SC:  It is.  Now, what did you tell Allison?
CW:  You'd be very big if the inquisitions were still in style.  But 
     they're not and you're not.  You know what you can do with your 
SC:  Now, you're pretty wise, aren't you.  There's only two things in 
     this world you care about.  Becoming an attorney and your brother. 

SC:  You know, I have heard that you're going to finish law school at the 
     top of your class.
CW:  I'll be number two if you're interested in facts.
SC:  I have also heard that you're up for a graduate scholarship.
CW:  You're not very well informed.  I got it.
SC:  I know, I called Boston and checked on you.
CW:  You don't expect me to believe that, do you?
SC:  You'd better.
CW:  I know.  You're going to say that you called and had a big long talk 
     with the dean of the school. 
SC:  That's right.  
CW:  I'm not buying it, Mr. Cord.  I know you know the name of the dean.  
     Every lawyer this side of Montana has heard of him. 
SC:  I also talked to your advisor.  His name is Marsden.  He thinks you 
     are a brilliant student. 
CW:  You had no right to talk to him.
SC:  He thinks you have a brilliant future.
CW:  You had no right.
SC:  Now you had better tell me the truth now or you can forget about that 
     scholarship.  You tell me the truth or I'll fix it so that your 
     school, and your dean, and your devoted advisor will think twice before 
     they ever let you graduate. 
CW:  You couldn't do that.  They wouldn't believe you.  I haven't broken 
     any law. 
SC:  You have been withholding information.  You have been deliberately 
     torturing an innocent young woman.  You know you're obviously not fit 
     to be a lawyer.  Your character is warped.  You could never be 

     Oh, I know.  I know what you're afraid of.  You're afraid of your 
     brother, Lee.  You've always been afraid of your big brother, your 
     big bully brother.  That day on the bluff you cowered whenever you 
     were near him.  

     And when you were lying unconscious at the bottom of the bluff and 
     your big bully brother screamed Ann Howard pushed you, we all chimed 
     in because we were afraid of him, too.  I was.  We all were.  Well, 
     now no one is afraid of your bully brother but you.  We've all grown 
CW:  Stop it.
SC:  And we're not afraid to say what really happened.  We're not afraid 
     to say it.  No one's afraid but you.  Because you're stuck.  Back 
     there on that bluff.  You're blind, but you can still see.  You can 
     still remember the violence, that viciousness in big brother's face.  
     It was the last thing you saw before you were pushed.  And that's 
     what haunts you.  That's what has made you lie to yourself all these 
SC:  Okay.  I am tired of talking to you.  Now, if you ever want to get to 
     be an attorney, you speak up, now. 
     [mood music] 
LW:  [Emotionally]  Ann Howard didn't push me.  I lied when I said 
     she did.  She didn't push me. 
SC:  Okay.  I'll prepare a statement for you to sign to that effect.  And 
     after you sign it, you can leave town or do whatever you want to do.  
     I don't care.  But you're going to give me a signed statement.  Now, 
     that's the deal. 

     [Chris turns and leaves.]

     Scene and episode end.