Episode 257, scene 4:

     Rossi talks with Allison, Elliot, and Constance

MR:  Allison.
     I know that you have been through a whole battery of questions
     Look, can we just talk about it, you and I.
     Dr. Rossi, I really am awfully tired.
     please grow up
     If this think
     tired she wa
     take a walk
     it's no wonder she never learned to face reality.
     Now listen, Mike.
     not my
     I'm not interested in whose fault it is.
     You're the only one who's admitted
     that Ann didn't take her own life.
     all of a sudden she remembers
     suddenly remembers seeing Lee Webber
     after Ann Howard
     go over this again and again and again
     she's exhausted
     And Ann's death
     If Lee Webber killed Ann he will be punished
     to punish Allison
     Stop it.  Both of you.
     I don't feel
     I know Ann
maybe different
I'm not very strong
want to be
I'm just tired
too tired
MR:  All right.  I'm sorry.
CMC:  Allison
Why does everybody
to marry him
You're not holding out
I know it
you can't not tell
There's no reason to, now.

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