Episode 260, Scene 5. 

     Norman and Rita on the wharf selecting a lobster.

NH:  Well, which one?
RH:  Ooh, don't ask me.
NH:  Come on.  They're good.  They really are.
RH:  I think I'm going to have leftovers myself.
NH:  Where's your sense of adventure?
RH:  Ooh, I'm adventurous, but once when I was little, I saw this movie 
     about a giant lobster.  I didn't sleep for a week. 
NH:  It was just a movie.
RH:  I'm still going to have leftovers.
        [Dr. Rossi comes doen the steps from Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house.]
RH:  Hi, Dr. Rossi.
NH:  Hi, Dr. Rossi.
MR:  Hi.  Well, what is it, seafood time at the Harrington manor, 
     tonight, huh? 
NH:  Yeah.  We came down to pick up a couple of these babies.  Finally.
RH:  He's been trying to get me to make him a lobster dinner for weeks.  
     Lobsters give me the creeps.  They're so crawly.
NH:  No one asked you to play with them.  I just want to eat one.
RH:  You're going to.  Don't worry.
NH:  It's a taste I developed when I was in books and pampers®.
RH:  Would you like to come over for dinner?  We can pick up another one 
     of these things.
NH:  Yeah, deal yourself in.
RH:  Of course, I'm not sure how it's going to turn out.
NH:  It will turn out great.  Lobster Thermador under glass a lá 
     Newberg prepared by Mrs. R Harrington and supervised by Mr. N 
     Harrington.  Come on. 
MR:  Well.  Maybe some other time.  I have to get back to the lab.  I've 
     started up my research again.  But thanks. 
NH:  Hey that's great.  Maybe we'll have another Louis Pasteur on our 
MR:  Well, I doubt if it will be anything dramatic like that.  I am 
     pleased with the way it's turned out. 
RH:  Well, maybe we can make it some other time. 
MR:  Well, maybe some other time.  Well, bon apetit, mes amis.
NH:  Thanks.
RH:  Bye, Dr. Rossi.
NH:  Bye.

NH:  I've got to hand it to him.  I guess it's all that scientific training.
RH:  What do you mean?
NH:  Well, he's as cool as a cucumber.  I heard they were going to get married.
RH:  Norm, don't you understand?  He's so used to hiding things.  You 
     know, keeping cool and calm to cheer up his patients.  He can't let 
     go.  You know, I'm really worried about him.  Everybody always leans 
     on him.  But who's he got to lean on? 

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