Episode 263, scene 1.

     Steven Cord and Dr. Michael Rossi arrive at Mrs. Hewitt's boarding 
     house.  Steven gets there first, gets out of his convertible, 
     climbs the stairs, and is halfway up, when Rossi honks and gets 
     out of his car. 

     [beep beep]

SC:  Mike, I tried to reach you at the hospital.
MR:  What are you doing, Steve? 
SC:  Well, I'm going to take Ann's things.  I thought you might want to 
     come with me.  There might be something there you'd like to keep.
MR:  I don't think I'll need anything, to remind me of Ann.
SC:  Suit yourself.

     [Steven continues up the stairs.]

MR:  Steve?

     [Dr. Rossi follows Steven up the stairs and into Ann's apartment.]

SC:  Not much to show, is there?

MR:  She had so much time, you know.  Time for all the plans.   All the 
     things that she . . . all the things that we were going to do 
     together.  Make up for the past, you know.  So much time. 

MR:  Well, Lee is going to pay for it.
SC:  What?
MR:  Lee Webber's time has run out, too.
SC:  That is for the court to decide.
MR:  Come on.  Will you forget that you're a lawyer this one time, 

SC:  You don't have a lock on grief, Mike.   She was my sister.
MR:  All right then, act like it.  Don't go on talking to me about the 
     due process of law. 
SC:  I have to.
MR:  Why?  Why can't you act like every one else.  Shout or get angry or 
     something?  Your sister was killed by Lee Webber.
SC:  I'm defending Webber.

     [Rossi walks over to face Steven.]

SC:  I didn't want to tell you this way, here.
MR:  Why?
SC:  Because he asked for me.  And I'm a lawyer.
MR:  But you're here.  You just got through telling me how grief-stricken 
     you are.  How hollow it made you feel.  And now you tell me you're 
     going to defend the man who killed her.
SC:  That hasn't been proven.
MR:  But she was your sister.
SC:  She was disturbed.
MR:  Don't tell me that.
SC:  It's true.
MR:  She was happy.  We were going to get married.
SC:  There were things in her past that she couldn't forget.  Things they 
     wouldn't let her forget.  And they drove her to . . .
MR:  To what?
SC:  . . . to her death.
MR:  That's a lie.

MR:  You're really quick, aren't you, Cord?  I mean, you're agile.   
     You're ready to jump through any hoop that makes its appearance,  
     whether it's inconvenient or not. 
SC:  I didn't expect you to understand.
MR:  Oh, I understand, all right.  Sure, this is front page stuff.  Sure, 
     I can see it now.  The big, bold, black headlines.  The candid shots 
     of the dedicated young lawyer ready to defend the principles of the 
     underdog.  Only this underdog happens to be the man that killed your 
     sister.  Oh, human interest stories.  Sure, I can see all the 
     possibilities.  [Gestures]

     Only this time it doesn't make any difference whether you turn out 
     the hero, does it?  No, because this time the only thing that is 
     important is whether or not they spell out the C--O--R--D. 
     [Rossi picks up a sketch of himself.]

MR:  You won't miss this.   
SC:  What are you doing to do?
MR:  I'll tell you what I'm going to do.  I'm going to cram those 
     headlines down your throat until you choke on their lies. 

     [Rossi leaves with the sketch of himself.] 

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