Episode 263, scene 2.

LW:  That's it
SC:  Not quite
LW:  How come it's so easy to get in this joint and so tough to get out.
     between you and me
     In case I didn't
SC:  Well, that's part of the job Lee.  Come over here.
SC:  Now, how good are you at listening
I'm going to give you some rules.
SC:  One.  Stay close to home
     Two.  You don't so much as sneeze without my okay.
     Three.  You don't
LW:  And what if
SC:  You just smile and shrug.
     Are you going to change my diapers
SC:  I'm not finished yet
     the minute you walk out that door, your trial starts.
     or has
     What for?
SC:  To see if you're innocent or guilty.
     I can take care of my self.
     Do you want to and try that again?
LW:  Okay, Okay.
     I got you out of jail.  But that's not a passport to heaven
     until he land.  And that's why I'm keeptin the leash nice and short.
LW:  Well, I'm not about to do anything toThat's right
SC:  And as long as you remember that, you still have a lawyer.
LW:  Fair enough.

     [Steven and Lee speak to Sgt. Walker.]

WWW: Webber.

     [Lee goes back to the desk, signs, picks up his keys and comb, and 
     leaves with Steven.] 

     [Outside the courthouse]

LW:  Thanks again, counselor.
SC:  It's not over yet.
LW:  I've got to tell you.
SC:  You be in my office at 9:00 and I'll start preparing your defense.

SC:  Goodbye, Lee.
LW:  So long, counselor.

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