Episode 263, scene 3.

     Allison is in bed in her hospital room as nurse Choate comes in.  
     Allison had telephoned the desk just a few moments ago.

NC:  Allison.
AM:  Oh, that was fast.  Thank you.
NC:  I just didn't want you to be worried.  See, we take all the 
     patients' valuables for safe keeping.
AM:  I'm sorry.  I hope I didn't sound too wild on the phone.
NC:  Oh, that's okay.
AM:  I woke up a few minutes ago and I felt for my bracelet.  When I 
     found it was missing, I sort of panicked.  My father gave it to me. 
NC:  Oh.     
AM:  Could I have it back?  My bracelet.
NC:  Well, I . . .
AM:  Please, I'll only be here overnight.  I feel sort of lost without it.
NC:  Well, all right.  That'll be our little secret.
AM:  Thank you.  Is my mother still here?
NC:  No.  Dr. Rossi sent her home.  She was very tired.
AM:  I wish she would take better care of herself.
NC:  She was worried about you.
AM:  The baby's due any minute, you know.

     [Choat fastens the bracelet to Allison's left arm.]

NC:  There, now.
AM:  Thank you.  Thank you.  What is your name?
NC:  Miss Choate.
AM:  I've seen you here before, haven't I?
NC:  Yes, we've talked.
AM:  Yes, I remember, now.
NC:  Would you like a sleeping pill?
AM:  No, thank you.  I don't need one.
NC:  Well, if you want anything, just buzz.  You're a very special 
     patient here, Allison. 
AM:  Am I?                                   
NC:  Oh, yes.  Dr. Rossi left instructions that we were to look in every 
     chance we got. 
AM:  Did he?  That was very nice of him.
NC:  Now you try to get some sleep and I'll be back in an hour or so.  Good 
AM:  Goodnight.  Thank you. 

     [Nurse Choate leaves.]


     [Voice of Elliot]

EC:  I watch over those I love.

     [Allison gets up, opens the closet, and gets her clothes.]

MEL: [The purpose of this scene was to inform the viewers that Allison had 
     the bracelet with her when she left town.] 

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