Episode 263, scene 4.

     Steven and Betty drive up in front of the Inn and talk in the car.

SC:  [We can call] that settled, now.
BA:  I don't think we can, Steven.
SC:  I took Lee Webber's case because I believe he's innocent.  Period.
BA:  End of speech?
SC:  It's the truth, Betty.  
BA:  Is it? 
SC:  I've given you all my reasons.
BA:  Except one.  Revenge.
SC:  Justice.
BA:  Well, that's a word, Steven, but I'm afraid it's lost all its 
     meaning for you.  

BA:  We're late for our dinner reservations. 
SC:  We've gone this far.
BA:  All right.  I'm fighting for you, Steven.  Because I don't think it 
     matters if Lee Webber is innocent or not.  Just as long as you can 
     get revenge on Martin Peyton and your mother. 
SC:  They're responsible for Ann's death and I'm convinced of it.
BA:  But you have no proof. 
SC:  I want a chance to find it.
BA:  Well, how?  By defending Lee Webber?
SC:  He's the only weapon I have.
BA:  But that's just it, Steven.  He's not a weapon . . . a club you can 
     use to beat Martin Peyton and your mother into revealing the truth.  
BA:  He's an excuse, Steven, a compromise.  Darling, you're a good 
     lawyer, but you're selling a part of yourself that is not worth the 
SC:  And if he didn't kill Ann . . . 
BA:  Well, then, they'll set him free.
SC:  The way they let Rodney go?
BA:  That isn't the same thing.
SC:  Betty, there were a hundred reasons why I shouldn't have defended 
     Rodney.  And there are ten times as many against my defending 
     Webber.  But I am going to because I'm a lawyer.
BA:  And because you honestly believe that he did not kill your sister?

BA:  You can do it with or without me.
SC:  Betty, All I ask you to do is give me the benefit of the doubt.
     Don't judge me too quickly like I did you.  Wait, Betty.  Wait 'til 
     all the returns have come in. 

     [Mood music]

SC:  I love you.

     [Steven gets out of the car, walks around and helps Betty out of the car.]

BA:  Is that Allison?
SC:  I think so?
BA:  What's she doing alone?

BA:  She looks strange.  Do you think we should ask her to join us?
SC:  [Adroitly avoiding the question]  It's up to you.

BA:  I think she wants to be left alone.  Come on.  Let's go to the Inn.

     [Betty and Steven go walk toward the Inn.]

     [Allison goes over to the bandstand and imagines hearing the voices 
     of Chris Webber, Constance, Elliot Carson, and Rodney Harrington.] 

CW:  You've never cared for anyone except the one and only Allison 
     Mackenzie, you can't love anyone.  You're incapable of loving 
     anyone, Allison.  You're incapable.  [Episode 260, scene 1]

CM:  Allison.  You're father and I were not married.  We couldn't marry, 
     Allison.  His wife was killed and we couldn't marry.  Elliot is your 
     father.  Elliot Carson.  [Episode 63, scene 1].

EC:  Je veille sur ceux que je v'aime.  
     I watch over those I love.  I watch over those I love.  
     [Episode 82, scene 2; 166, scene 3; 263, scene 3; 265, scene 3] 

RH:  I know you don't like being called "Fair Lady" or "Allison Wonderland."
     But there will always be part of you that is "Allison Wonderland."    
     And I love that Allison.  That's the part of you I love.  That's the part 
     of you I know.  [Episode 228, scene 3].

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