Episode 263, scene 5.

     Rodney is at his desk writing as Lee arrives at the Shoreline Garage 
     to get some gas for his bike. 

LW:  Hey, Golden Boy.  

     [Lee comes inside the garage.]

LW:  Aren't you going to help a friend old buddy?  I'm almost out of gas. 
RH:  What are you doing out of . . .
LW:  Out of the can?  I got myself a good lawyer.
RH:  Yeah.  One with a key to the back door of the jail?
LW:  Is that how Steven Cord sprung you?
RH:  Steven Cord took your case?
LW:  Lock, stock, and barrel.  Maybe you can clue me in.  What's he going 
     to cost?
     [Rodney picks up the phone and begins to dial.]

LW:  What are you doing? 
RH:  I'm going to call Steven Cord.
LW:  Well, I'm not lying Golden Boy.  He's defending me.
RH:  Why?
LW:  Well, He knows I didn't kill Ann Howard.
RH:  He knows that, huh?  How?
LW:  I told him.
RH:  You told him what?
LW:  By the way, how much did you have to pay him?
RH:  You killed her, Lee.
LW:  Oh come on.  Watch that kind of talk, Buddy.  I mean, I'm liable to 
     have to bring my lawyer around and sue you for slander. 
RH:  Don't you bring anybody around, including yourself.
LW:  I only want a cup of juice, man.
RH:  We're closed.
LW:  You haven't learned anything yet, have you?  You want to forget that 
     you were standing in the same spot that I'm standing in now. 
RH:  Make your point.
LW:  A little while ago you were up for the same gig that I am.  And now 
     you're clean, a fine upstanding citizen.  And I'm just part of the 
     scum that you have to protect yourself against.  Guilty as charged,  
     right?  Well, what are you doing, paying me back for the way they 
     treated you?  How did it feel to have the door slammed in your face, 
     and people turning their backs on you?  Didn't you feel like taking 
     a swing at someone?  Shouting out that you didn't do it?  But there 
     was never anybody there to listen, was there, after all the doors 
     were slammed in your face?  And now you want to slam a few doors 
     yourself just to see what it's like.  Well, you go right ahead and 
     do it, Playboy.  I'll even help you. 

     [Lee rides off on his motorcycle.]

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