Episode 263, scene 6.

     Allison in standing on the wharf near the tavern as Lee rides up 
     on his motorcycle.  Lee has just left the Shoreline Garage. 

LW:  It's kind of late to be out all by yourself, Allison.  You never can 
     tell what you might run into.  Or what might run into you.  You need 
     somebody to look after you, to keep you safe. 
AM:  Yes.
AM:  Who?
LW:  Goldilocks.  King of the mountain.  Rodney.
No.  No.  Rodney.
LW:  Get some sense, and find yourself someplace to hide, little girl.
LW:  Because I'm out and there's an awful lot of dark nights ahead.
AM:  Yes.  Thank you.  Excuse me.

     [Allison walks over to the Shoreline Garage and peeks in at Rodney.  
     He doesn't see her.  She heads north from the Shoreline Garage, 
     never to be seen again.]  [Mia Farrow heads east toward old blue 
     eyes in the general direction of New York City.]

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