Episode 272, scene 7.

     [Opening of the Lee Webber murder hearing.]
     [Rossi comes in and sits on Rodney's right.]
     [Judge Chester comes in from chambers and stands behind the bench.]

CC:  All rise.  Division 12 of the municipal court of Peyton County now 
     in session.  Judge Irwin A. Chester, presiding.  
     [Judge Chester sits.]
CC:  Be seated.
JC:  The people vs Lee Webber.  Ready gentlemen?
JF:  [Rises]  Ready for the people, your honor.
SC:  [Rises]  Ready for the defense, your honor.
JC:  Very well, you may proceed Mr. Prosecutor.  Call your first witness.
FF:  Owen Gates, Coroner of Peyton County.
CC:  Owen Gates to the stand.
SC:  [Softly to Lee]  Look like you're interested.
CC:  Do you swear to tell the truth, thw whole truth, and nothing but the 
     truth.  So help you god.

Court Clerk-Victor Izay
Owen Gates-

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