Episode 273, scene 4.

     [In the courtroom, Steven is studying his case as Betty returns with 
     a sandwich.  Betty pretends to be on the witness stand.] 

BA:  I'm trying to answer the question as honestly as I can.  I realize 
     I'm under oath.  I asked for a tuna salad on wheat bread.  I didn't 
     realize it was white bread until just a few minutes ago.  

     Any further questions, Mr. Cord?  

     Fair enough.  The witness will now revoke the entire legal process 
     and put a question to the District Attorney.  More coffee? 
SC:  No, one will be fine. 
     [Steven looks up.]
SC:  Oh, I thought you were offering me another sandwich.
     [Steven picks up his coffee cup and Betty pours coffee from a red 
     thermos® bottle.] 
BA:  Steven, what's wrong?
SC:  Nothing.  Mike Rossi has given me a completely new cross-examination.
     I was just doing some thinking on my strategy.
BA:  It's like turning up the wrong way for a one way avenue.
     [Steven sips his coffee]
BA:  All morning I kept looking over at you, wondering what you were 
     thinking and feeling.  I couldn't tell. 
SC:  That's known as counselor's camouflage.  Or how to keep the 
     prosecution guessing. 
BA:  It makes me feel as if I didn't really know you at all.
SC:  Oh, that's silly.  Don't start talking like a neglected wife.
BA:  I'm not neglected.  Just shut out.
     [Steven gets up and walks over to Betty.]
SC:  Well, what ever the symptoms are, I know the cure.  When court 
     recesses this afternoon, we'll drive out to the country for dinner.  
     xxx by candlelight.  How does that sound?  And I promise, you won't 
     have any trouble reading your husband's mind.
     [They gaze in each others' eyes.] 
SC:  I love you, Betty.
BA:  I know you do.  It's just that every time I see you here sitting next 
     to Lee Webber, it just doesn't seem real.  Steven, you don't belong 
SC:  [Annoyed]  Are you going to start picking my clients?
BA:  You know what I mean.
SC:  I make no special courtesy to Martin Peyton.
BA:  Steven, don't.
SC:  You know, It would be like him to call you back and suggest you 
     give it another try.  Get Steven off the case, Betty.  That's an 
BA:  I don't need Martin Peyton to tell me this is all wrong for you.  
     I've seen the way you looked at Lee Webber some times as though you 
     hated him despised him. 
SC:  It's not required that a lawyer like his client.  I didn't have to 
     like Rodney to take his case. 
     [John Fowler comes in the courtroom.] 
JF:  Excuse me.  Am I interrupting something?  
SC:  Oh, No.  No.  Come right in.  How soon do we resume?
JF:  About five minutes.
     Oh, Please finish your lunch.
BA:  No.  We've finished, thank you.
JF:  Oh, Steven, now that we have a few minutes, I wanted to check on the 
     list of witnesses that you have.  I have a list of people you 
     subpoenaed . . .  Oh, here it is.  If you could just run through 
     that and give me a rough idea the order you intend to call them in.  
     I assume you'll be saving your mother til last, then cross your 
     fingers that she'll be back in time.  
SC:  Oh, I didn't intend to call her for a couple of days. 
JF:  Then she tells you when she planned to return?
SC:  Oh, these Boston trips only take a day or two.
JF:  Oh just a routine trip.  I thought it would be something really 
     urgent for her to catch that plane right on the heels of your 
SC:  Poor mother, she really hates to fly.  I had quite a job getting her 
     on that plane.  But it was the only way to be sure way to get her 
     back in time. 
JF:  Well, I told my deputy I was sure you knew all about it.  No need to 
     call you.
     [The court clerk opens the door.]
CC:  Mr. Fowler.
JF:  [To the clerk]  I'll be right with you.

     [To Steven]  Uh, just leave the list on my table when you're through.
     [Fowler leaves.]
BA:  Why didn't you tell me you had subpoenaed your mother?  What had you 
     intended to do, Steven?  Tear her apart on the stand like you did 
     Rita Jacks. 
SC:  Well, it doesn't look like I'm going to get the chance. 

BA:  I'm so glad your mother got away, Steven.  I hope she never comes 

     [Scene ends.]

Court Ckerk-Victor Izay.

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