Episode 280, scene 7.

     Rachel is in a wheelchair in Dr. Rossi's office.

RW:  Is that about me?
MR:  Huh?
RW:  What you're writing.  Is it about me?
MR:  Why this?  No.

     [Rossi looks in a medical book.]

MR:  Will you excuse me while I concentrate on this?

     [Rossi gets up from his desk and puts a folder in his file cabinet.]

RW:  Finished?
MR:  Yes.  Well, now, let's take a look at that ankle, huh?
     Now, let's see.  Easy.  How does that feel?
RW:  Sore.
MR:  Well, I suppose it's going to be sore for a while.
     There.  Now, I want you to try and put a little weight on that.
RW:  It hurts to stand up.
MR:  Well, I'll help you, huh?

     [Rachel stands.]

MR:  All right, come on.  Easy.  Good.  Easy.  Good.  

MR:  Well, that's very good.  Very good.

RW:  Why do you write everything down?
MR:  So I'll remember it.

RW:      In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. 
         And the earth was without form and void.
         And darkness was upon the face of the deep.
         And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

RW:  I didn't have to write that down.
MR:  You have a very good memory.
RW:  That's from the Bible.
MR:  Genesis.
RW:  Have you read the Bible?
MR:  Uh huh.
RW:  I've read it five times.  All the way through.

RW:  My name's from the Bible.

         And Laban had two daughters.  
         And the name of the elder was Leah.
         And the name of the younger was Rachel.
         Leah was tender-eyed,
         But Rachel was beautiful and well favored. 

MR:  Sounds like you memorized the whole book.
RW:  Don't you want to know which one is my name?
MR:  [Teasing] Leah?
RW:  [Angrily] Rachel.
MR:  Rachel.  Rachel what?

RW:  Why did you bring me here?
MR:  To examine your ankle.
RW:  You could have come to my room.
MR:  Well, yes, I suppose I could have.  But then I wouldn't have been 
     able to fill out these forms.  Do you want to see them? 
RW:  Are there questions on them?
MR:  Yes.
RW:  People have been asking me questions since I was three years old.
MR:  Well, that's the way people are, huh?
RW:  Well, I don't like it.
MR:  I don't like it either.  I would much rather be treating patients 
     than filling out forms.  But I have to know a lot more about you in 
     order to give you the best treatment.  Now, you didn't tell me your 
     last name, Rachel. 
RW:  Well, maybe I don't have one.
MR:  Do you?
RW:  No.

MR:  All right then Rachel.  Rachel no last name.  Where do you live?
RW:  You don't have to know that to fix my leg.
MR:  No, I don't suppose I do, do I?

MR:  You ever had an accident before?
RW:  No.
MR:  Any of your relatives ever been treated in this hospital?
RW:  I don't know.
MR:  Your girl friends?
RW:  No.
MR:  Boy friends?
RW:  What do you mean?
MR:  Well, I mean a friend that's a boy.
RW:  A friend?
MR:  Yes.
RW:  I never had any boy friends.
MR:  Well, you will have some day.

RW:  Do you have a girl friend?
MR:  No.  No, I don't.
RW:  Why not?
MR:  Being a doctor doesn't give you time for girl friends.

MR:  Where were you born?
RW:  I don't know.
MR:  Well, how old are you?
RW:  19.  Either 18 or 19.
MR:  When is your birthday?
RW:  July 19th.
MR:  Where did you go to school?
RW:  I didn't go to school.
MR:  Well then, where did you learn to read?
RW:  Don't you want to know why I didn't go to school?
MR:  Do you want to tell me why?
RW:  My aunt [Lucy] taught me to read and to write.  And how to figure.
MR:  Your aunt, well, she must be a smart woman.  Did you spend a lot of 
     time with her? 
RW:  Yes.
MR:  Well, she sounds like she really cares about you.

     [Rossi picks up the phone.]

     Why don't you call her and tell her where you are now, huh? 
RW:  I can't call her.
MR:  Why not?  
RW:  She's dead.  You should never cast your line when your back is to the 
     sun, Dr. Rossi.  [Probably from the Farmers Almanac.]

MR:  All right miss Rachel, no last name, 18 or 19 years old, I'll stop 
     fishing.  There's a very special reason why I want to know more about 
     you.  It's the same reason why Mr. Carson asked you all those 
     questions in here the other day.  It's the same reason why that young 
     man came to your room this morning. 
RW:  Who was he?
MR:  His name is Rodney Harrington.
RW:  He wanted to hurt me.
MR:  He did not want to hurt you, he wanted to talk to you.
RW:  He wanted to hurt me.  I could see it in his face.
MR:  What you saw in his face was anger and frustration because you 
     haven't answered any of the important questions.

MR:  Now, when Norman and Rita first found you in the cabin . . .
RW:  They didn't find me.  I wasn't lost.
MR:  All right.  When Norman and Rita first met you, you had a bracelet.
RW:  It was mine and you had no right to take it.
MR:  That bracelet belonged to another young woman, a girl that 
     disappeared from here several weeks ago.  Her name was Allison.
RW:  I don't know any girl named Allison.

     [Rachel opens the door and wheels out in the corridor.]

MR:  Rachel, Rachel.

     [Rossi gets up and follows her.]

MR:  Allison is a very important special person and she's in trouble.
RW:  Well, if she's in so much trouble, why don't you help her instead 
     of asking me all these questions?
MR:  Because in a way, you're special, too.
RW:  Why?  Because I had a bracelet like hers?
MR:  Rachel.  That bracelet is the same bracelet.
RW:  How do you know?
MR:  Because Mr. Carson is Allison's father, and he gave it to her.
RW:  Does she like him?
MR:  Why, yes, of course.  Why?
RW:  I don't know.  I was just wondering.
MR:  Rachel, how did you get that bracelet.
RW:  Why does that other man care about it?
MR:  You mean Rodney?  Well, because he wants to find her, too.
RW:  Does he like her?
MR:  Yes.  He wanted to marry her.

MR:  Rachel, did you see Allison?  Rachel, did you see her?
RW:  No.
MR:  Well, then, how did you get the bracelet?
RW:  I found it.
MR:  Where?
RW:  I don't remember.
MR:  Rachel.
RW:  I found it.  It's mine now.
MR:  Well, try and remember where you found it.  This is important.
RW:  I want to go now.  You can't keep me here.  I want to go.
MR:  Rachel.
RW:  I thought you were different.  I thought you really wanted to fix my 
     leg.  And make me better.  

     [Mood music]

RW:  But you don't care about me.  You're just like everyone else.  You 
     don't care about me.  Now, I want to go. 
MR:  All right, I'll let you go.

MR:  I want you to think about something when you're sitting alone in your 
     room.  The girl that wore that bracelet is lost somewhere now.  And 
     right now her parents are lost, too, because they don't know where to 
     find her.  Every day that goes by with no word is like an eternity 
     for them.  If you could just tell them something, anything at all.  
     You could make things so much easier for them. 

RW:  I want to go.

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